Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 2 - Fan Fest & The Home Run Derby

On Monday, we had tickets to Fan Fest. We weren't exactly sure what all would be there, but had been told it was a must-see. Turns out it's a mix between a museum, children's playworld, and interactive park for avid baseball fans. Super cool - I'll just let the pictures tell about it.

On the way there, we passed these arches. Ted posing with the Cubs logo...

Madi and I showing off the Rangers sign...
We also walked past where they were taping the Mike and Mike Show. That morning's guest - Bud Selig.

Once we finally made it to Fan Fest, we took in all of the sights. Much to Ted's chagrin, Madigan decided she really liked FredBird (the Cardinal's mascot).
They had a "Women in Baseball" exhibit. Here I am taking some fielding practice.
My future softball star. :)
(She did NOT want to have this picture taken, but finally gave in to my begging. This was the closest we could get to a smile.)Posing with Daddy in the coolest chair ever. Hey Ted, can we get one of these for the living room?!
Madigan took some batting practice...
And worked on her pitching arm...

She really liked testing out the race cars. Watch out!
With all of that fun, a girl finally has to take a break...
Here we are posing in the locker room with Ian Kinsler's jersey. I won't get on my soapbox about the injustices that led to him NOT being at the All Star game right now. We'll just suffice it to say he got robbed.
She posed like this with absolutely no prompting. What a ham!
This guy played us a song on his harmonica while juggling pins. It was quite impressive.
All in all, a really fun time. Here's a quick video of one small section of the convention center just so you can see what all was going on at once. Two thumbs up for Fan Fest.

After a swim at the hotel and a nap, we were ready to head to the Home Run Derby!!!
When we got in, both teams were taking batting practice. Down on the field, MLB was interviewing the two team's managers (Charlie Manuel and Joe Maddon).
We were in the 2nd section up this time, but on the front row. A great view of the derby!
Here's all three of us at our seats...
We cheered for Josh Hamilton - Home Run Derby star of 2008
And all of our "guys" (as Madigan calls them) - Michael Young, Josh Hamilton, and Nelson Cruz
(Note - we also cheered for the Cubs player, Ted Lilly. However, since he's a pitcher, he didn't take batting practice.)

These seats were also really cool because they was part of the "Red Bird Club". Up behind us was an air-conditioned area with concessions and lounges. After batting practice, we spent some time "chillin" in the club. :)
Here's a few pics from the Derby. The crowd went quite wild when Pujols was up to bat...
Here I am ready to catch one of his foul balls.
Pickett - I even got a video of your glove this time :)

Of course, WE were cheering for Nelson Cruz...
Go Rangers!
But, we do give credit where credit is due. Prince Fielder won fair and square - and what a swing!

It was a great day, an exciting derby, and another late night for a little girl!!

Stay tuned - the final day will coming soon!!!


Eric Pickett said...

Nice!! That glove is like those magic pants from that movie, it travels everywhere! Oh and Al that is your glove, not mine. Remember? As an adoring fan you purchased a glove with my name on it. Surely you remember that.

Growin' Owens said...

You don't even look preggo yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Madi looks like she has grown a foot in a month since we saw her, so does her hair. CUTE!