Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tanks and Teddy Bears

We met our small group at the park last night. Paxton agreed to humor me by posing in front of the tank that's on display at the park. Blends right in, doesn't he?
He was soon joined by his good buddy Will.
I thought this was cute of them waving their arms so fast that it made them blurry in the picture. Then Will's mom reminded me that they weren't really waving, they were throwing rocks. Oh well. Still cute, right?!
Madigan wasn't so interested in playing on tanks, but sure liked the Teddy Bear Picnic that our library hosted on Saturday.
They had a very cute program that included some storytelling, songs, and a bear parade. Here Madi is putting her bear to sleep in the "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear" song.
At the end of the program, they gave little teddy bears out to all of the kids. It was decided that these three were "triplets"!
After the organized portion was over, the kids were released to take their bears to the doctor for bandaids and prescriptions (to give 8 bear hugs a day),
crawl through the bear cave,
and to eat some bear cake. I'd be lying if I said this wasn't Madigan's favorite part.
Even the new bear (which Madigan named Paxton Bear) enjoyed a little cake!
It's been another weekend of fun for everyone! Thankfully, it was also relaxing for the adults. :)

Two Little Monkeys

As Madigan gets past some of her fearfulness and Paxton gets more mobile, I find myself singing the 5 Little Monkey song on a daily basis. Mainly the part that goes "Momma called the doctor and the doctor said, 'NO MORE MONKEYS jumping on the bed!"

Madi's teacher texted me this picture a few days ago. Yes that's my daughter hanging precariously over some rocks.
And then there's Paxton. I'll just let this video speak for itself...

And when we put these two together, here's what we get.
It's gonna be a fun ride, but I'm anticipating a lot of bumps and bruises along the way!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Weekend Captured by the Phone

I recently got a new phone. It probably has way more capabilities than I'll ever appreciate, but I'm learning to love it. I especially like that it has a camera and video camera so that I can capture moments while we're "out and about" and without the "real" camera (which is often). The quality of the pictures aren't quite as good, but it's nice to catch those fun moments. Here are a few that I took this past weekend.

Friday night we went to Larry's Pizza and Paxton got his first taste of the greatest pizza ever made - Bavarian Creme. He thought it was pretty stinkin' good. :)

Then on Saturday we went to a Razorback watch party at one of my co-worker's house. The food was great, the company was wonderful and the Razorback's won! But without a doubt, Madi and Paxton's favorite part was the outside entertainment, particularly the trampoline. Paxton LOVED the bigger kids jumping so that he bounced high. My friend was concerned that he might end up with Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Paxton also enjoyed playing Baggo. Well, he enjoyed crawling on the board...
Saturday evening we got to go visit the very beautiful and sweet Miss Rory. Rory's granddad has already worked out an arranged marriage for Rory and Paxton. Madigan definitely approved of her and that night her prayer included a thank you to God for Baby Rory. :)
Then last night, we went to small group at the Noel's house and Madigan played with her buddies. Such sweet girls!
Paxton, on the other hand, chose to just chill. After such an eventful weekend, the boy deserved to lounge, right?
And even though this didn't really occur over the weekend, I wanted to include it. This morning I had to do some grocery shopping so Paxton and Lindsey got to "drive" the buggy. I thought this was cute... until I realized that in only 15 short years it will be a reality. Then I got a little nauseous. :)
Okay, I think I've finally emptied the pictures off of the phone now! It was a busy but fun weekend. Looking forward to another one in 5 short days. :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Catching Up

I'm combining several posts into one here. First of all, Paxton is now 10 months old...and has been for about 2 weeks. Oops! Once again, better late than never!
10 months old
22 lbs
He's still as happy as ever and now has 8 teeth to put to work on his favorite task - eating!
I'm definitely in denial that my baby will be turning a year old in about 7 weeks. And I plan to stay there until I'm forced to admit it. :)

As for Madigan, school is still going great. Last Friday, her school had a Fall Potluck and the kiddos got up and sang songs for the parents. My hope was that Madigan would at least stand with her classmates and not start crying when the parents clapped for them. Thankfully, she stood up there...and sang EVERY word, smiled, made the hand motions, etc. Where did this kid come from?!

In addition to what she's learning at school, she and Daddy take time every night and read her BOB books. I'm impressed - she's really learning to sound words out and is so proud of herself when she finishes a book.
A few other happenings...
The weather has stayed nice, so we've been able to get out and jog to the park more often. One day we got home and I unbuckled Paxton from his seat. He immediately crawled into the floor of the jogging stroller and started eating the goldfish crackers he'd dropped during the run. Don't want to waste a single cracker!
Paxton's also become quite the ladies' man. He's not too sure what to do when Lindsey reaches for his hand...
but I think he likes it!
These are just a few pictures I took before church one morning. When did she get so big?!!
Make sure you note Paxton's shoes. He thinks he's pretty cool in his new kicks.
Madi loves holding her brother. Paxton's a little less thrilled with the experience!
So those are a few things that have been going on around here. Busy times, but so much fun!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Funny Stuff

We spend the large majority of our time laughing at things Madi does or says. But lately, Paxton has pulled out some funny stuff.

For starters, here's a video of him laughing. You'll notice some of the laughs toward the end are "courtesy laughs". You can almost see him thinking, "Okay, this isn't so funny anymore. But poor Mommy thinks it is, so I'll give her one more laugh."

Along with Paxton's new mobility has come some destructive tendencies. A few days ago, he got his hands on Madi's Ken doll. Paxton vs. Ken... Paxton wins!

One night, I tried to get a picture of Paxton's crazy hair.
But every time I pulled the camera out, this is what he did. What a ham!
Last but not least, I'll leave you with a video of us feeding Paxton some sour foods. Not very nice, but pretty funny!

I think we have another funny kid on our hands!