Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas, Texas Style (#2 and 3)

We headed to Texas this Christmas and made our first stop at Mema and Papa's. I'm disappointed in myself because I didn't take many pictures while we were there. Truth be told, I've just gotten lazy about taking pictures and steal everyone else's pictures before I leave. Unfortunately this time, no one else was taking pictures either! But, we had a wonderful time and did get a few pictures to capture the fun.

We opened presents again. Paxton got a cactus named Raw Clyde that sings and dances. After he'd opened that, he didn't care about any other gifts! Everyone else, on the other hand, was wishing he'd move onto something else!
I have to share this one. We got Papa a mug with a picture of himself posing in his pajamas. He said he'd drink his coffee out of it every morning... but not in mixed company. :)
Paxton enjoyed wrestling with my cousin Taylor. Actually, he waited until Taylor laid down on the floor to rest and then attacked him!
Before we left on Christmas morning, we did manage to get a few pictures of Mema and Papa and the great grandkids. I thought this was cute... except that Mema is trying to hide!
That's better Mema. :)
We had a wonderful time and were so glad we got to spend several nights there. Before long though, it was time to head East to Pa and Gee Gee's where Santa was leaving some gifts. And what do you know? Madi got what she asked for!
Plus a few extra things from Pa and Gee Gee. Surprising, I know. Here she is with her new doll, Ellie.
She also got a new gown and a matching one for her baby.
Paxton got a new iPhone. Oh wait a minute, that's just him stealing mine again...
He did, however, get lots of toys and some new outfits. This is his gangster ensemble.
"Word up"
And this is his cowboy outfit. Make sure you note the boots. :)
We had a great time in Rusk. Paxton learned how to be a true cowboy and get on and off of his rocking horse by himself.
And Madi just enjoyed getting to do everything she wanted for several days.
On Sunday afternoon, we ventured outside for a little fun.
It was still REALLY cold, so we took advantage of the new fire pit my dad had made and had a campfire!
And what good is a campfire without some smores?!
Ever need a good laugh? Put mittens on a 1 year old and then give him some food. Nothing is going to stop this boy from getting his nourishment. :)
While we were outside, Madigan painted Paxton's name on his board on the playhouse. (The girls had done theirs at Camp Pa and Gee Gee's)
And Paxton left his hand print to make it his own.
As always, we had so much fun at my parents house. In fact, after driving about 5 hours to get home, Madi announced that she didn't want to go home but wanted to turn around and drive back! Ted and I vetoed that idea.
Thanks to all of my family for a wonderful Christmas. We love you!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Tree and Party Pictures

We've now celebrated Christmas #2 and #3, but before I post pictures from them, I have several random pictures to post.

A few weeks ago, we headed out to pick out our Christmas tree. Madigan worked with Ted to pick the perfect tree.
Paxton ventured out by himself and had his own opinions of what tree we should get.
We finally agreed and got home with the tree. Madigan worked diligently to decorate it.
Paxton decorated the floor by scattering ornaments everywhere he went.
Showing off the final product
Two crazy kiddos and their Christmas tree!
A few days later, Madigan's school had their Christmas party. Ted and I both got to attend this. The kids started out singing some songs for the parents and then a "special guest" came to see them!Here's Madi with Santa. Just for the record, she did have a clip in her hair to hold back her bangs. Apparently it had come out by this point in the school day. I really wanted to sneak up front to clip it back in, but Ted wouldn't let me.
Since the party was on a Friday, Will got to join us. He really liked the food!
Paxton decided to do a little reading while we were there. I think he was trying to convince Mrs. Marti that he was ready to go to school too!
We did get some cute pictures of Madi with the most wonderful teachers ever.

Madi and Mrs. Marti
Madi and Mrs. Carolyn
So much Christmas fun and still so much to come!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas #1

While we were in North Carolina, we celebrated Christmas with the Bowsman side of the family. Paxton saw the tree and the presents and he was sold!
He liked ripping the paper and playing with the toys. In between presents, he bonded a bit with Gramps.
Everyone got some wonderful gifts. Madi immediately fell in love with her unicorn pillow pet and named her Layli. Madi is now incapable of going to sleep at night if Layli is not in the bed with her and when we pass the rack of pillow pets at Walmart, Madi talks to Layli's "sisters". :)
She also got a super cool Princess clock that counts down the days to Christmas and tells how each of the Princesses are spending their holidays. That's good because I've always felt my holiday season was a bit incomplete not knowing how the Princesses were celebrating Christmas...
Paxton got possibly the coolest gift though. Yes, this is a baseball potty seat. When you flush the handle, the crowd cheers for you. Paxton LOVED trying it out. Hopefully he'll love using it when the time is right.
Paxton also got a Gloworm, which he quickly figured out how to work. I think he might run the batteries out in a record amount of time.
The best Christmas gift EVER, however, went to me. I have nothing more to say.
Ted and I were also given a book about how to raise a "lady". Sigh...can't I just let her loose on a softball field and hope she figures it out herself?!
Ted got a great gift. It's a potty snowman. It's supposed to sit on the back of the toilet and when you go in to do your business, it talks to you. It says things like, "Whatcha doin? On second thought, never mind!" and "Are you okay? You're looking a bit FLUSHED!" Great...
As always, Kate tried to help Ted's wardrobe out and bought him some new clothes. This is Ted trying them all on at once... with a mullet wig. Attractive, huh?
As you can tell, we had lots of fun and enjoyed getting to celebrate Christmas with the Bowsmans...even if it was a month early! Thanks for the great gifts and the wonderful memories!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus!!

Santa Claus once again made time in his very busy schedule to stop by our church and have pictures made with the kids.
For those of you that remember, Madigan was not so crazy about Santa in 2009. In fact, it took about 2 hours of coaxing from me, Ted, Santa, an elf, the photographers, and every other innocent bystander to even get her in the room.

After the 2 hours of desensitization, she finally sat in his lap and we got a decent picture.
Madi and Santa - 2009
This year was MUCH different. Madigan has been talking about Santa for weeks and even hand wrote him a letter requesting a present and outlining exactly where she would be on Christmas morning. When it came time for her to get her picture made with him, she hopped up on his lap, looked right at the camera and gave her best smile.
Madi & Santa - 2010
Oh, you want me to look cute for the camera while you read my letter? Okay!
As for Paxton, last year was a piece of cake. Pretty sure we could have laid him on a cement block and he would have been content. Put him in the lap of a loving Santa, he was happy to stay all day!
Paxton & Santa - 2009
He even let Santa turn him around so that we could get a picture of the "Little Elf" butt!
This year, he was a little less sure of the jolly man in the red suit. Even with sister sitting beside him, we couldn't get him to smile for the camera. At least he wasn't crying!
Paxton & Santa - 2010
All in all though, it was a very successful Santa sighting. Thanks to Santa for putting our kiddos in your Christmas tour. Now if we can contain the excitement for just one more week!!!