Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas #1

While we were in North Carolina, we celebrated Christmas with the Bowsman side of the family. Paxton saw the tree and the presents and he was sold!
He liked ripping the paper and playing with the toys. In between presents, he bonded a bit with Gramps.
Everyone got some wonderful gifts. Madi immediately fell in love with her unicorn pillow pet and named her Layli. Madi is now incapable of going to sleep at night if Layli is not in the bed with her and when we pass the rack of pillow pets at Walmart, Madi talks to Layli's "sisters". :)
She also got a super cool Princess clock that counts down the days to Christmas and tells how each of the Princesses are spending their holidays. That's good because I've always felt my holiday season was a bit incomplete not knowing how the Princesses were celebrating Christmas...
Paxton got possibly the coolest gift though. Yes, this is a baseball potty seat. When you flush the handle, the crowd cheers for you. Paxton LOVED trying it out. Hopefully he'll love using it when the time is right.
Paxton also got a Gloworm, which he quickly figured out how to work. I think he might run the batteries out in a record amount of time.
The best Christmas gift EVER, however, went to me. I have nothing more to say.
Ted and I were also given a book about how to raise a "lady". Sigh...can't I just let her loose on a softball field and hope she figures it out herself?!
Ted got a great gift. It's a potty snowman. It's supposed to sit on the back of the toilet and when you go in to do your business, it talks to you. It says things like, "Whatcha doin? On second thought, never mind!" and "Are you okay? You're looking a bit FLUSHED!" Great...
As always, Kate tried to help Ted's wardrobe out and bought him some new clothes. This is Ted trying them all on at once... with a mullet wig. Attractive, huh?
As you can tell, we had lots of fun and enjoyed getting to celebrate Christmas with the Bowsmans...even if it was a month early! Thanks for the great gifts and the wonderful memories!

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Growin' Owens said...

Okay, softball shirt is PERFECT!!! Hudson has the same gloworm. He sleeps with it at naps and bedtime. he calls it "Nermy." I hope Paxton loves his too. I too am so glad you will know how Princesses spend their Christmases and can share this info with me.