Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Yesterday, we loaded up and headed to the pumpkin patch for a little fun.
I love this pumpkin patch (Motley's Pumpkin Patch in Little Rock). How can you not love a place that posts signs like this?
They do a great job of catering the activities to little kids. Paxton enjoyed hanging out with the animals at the petting zoo,
while Madigan tested out her new daring side by jumping off of hay bales.

By far, my favorite part was still the pig races. This year, Jimmy Dean beat out Wilbur for the title. So stinkin funny! Really, stinking AND funny.
A new attraction this year was a cow train. Madi rode "Maggie".
Paxton and I settled for "Gertie". Paxton's excitement was overwhelming.
Madi also liked riding on the horse swing.
And Paxton chilled in his car swing.
I don't know where the idea that trips to pumpkin patches have to result in informal photo shoots came from, but I didn't want to be a bad mom and not do my part. So, here goes... :)

Paxton with the pumpkins
Paxton in the hay
Madigan with the pumpkins
Serious pose
My little pumpkins
Mommy and the kids
Daddy and the kids
The best we could do

I have to admit though, that of ALL of the pictures I took, this one is probably going to be my favorite. Does that make me a bad mom?

I just think the look of sheer terror on both of their faces is hilarious. Since the grandmas are going to read this and be upset at me, I should go on record for saying that Madi thought the "man" was cool and wanted her picture made with him. However, once I put her up there, she thought she was going to fall off of the wagon and panicked. And Paxton was fine when I first set him up there. But when Madi freaked, he started to cry as well. Hence, the picture. :)

Despite that picture, I promise we really did have a good time. Paxton especially liked when we gave him his own little pumpkin to hold...
or to smoke. Whatever works. :)
A great trip to the pumpkin patch was had by all. One thing we can check off of our fall to-do list!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fun and Friends

Last Friday, our friends invited us to join them at their school's Fall Carnival. Let's see... dress up like a princess, hang out with friends, and play games that result in someone giving you candy? Madigan was in!
Once again, face painting was a must.
Paxton was excited to hang out with his good buddy Mac. They did a little people watching.
Ted thought they had a good idea and joined them.
This picture makes me a little sad because I know it will only be a matter of time before my little girl is sitting at a cafeteria table at her own school. Once again, where has the time gone?!
We had a great time at the carnival. Thanks to Joy and the kids for the invitation!

As I was looking through pictures, I realized I'd never posted these next ones. They make me laugh, so I hate to not share them with the world. :)
We help with the children's program for the 1st-5th graders at our church ("Kingdom Express"). That means that we spend quite a bit of time up there on Wednesday evenings getting everything ready for the classes. The kids do a good job of entertaining themselves while we work and their favorite room to play in is the Theater/Puppet Room. One night, I went to check on them and discovered that they'd found a new toy to play with....

We've laughed and said that this is how we keep kids in time out during Kingdom Express. No wonder we haven't had many behavior problems! Ha!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Go Rangers!!!

After only 11 short years, my Rangers finally made it to the playoffs! My wonderful husband knew what a big deal this would be for me, so he managed to get us tickets to the first home game of the ALDS.
For those of you that know me and my baseball obsession, you'll understand when I say I was like a kid at a candy store. I've never been to a more exciting sporting event and I was quite hyped up. Even the "It's Time!" sign made me giggle like a little girl.
I tried hard to get a picture of the 2010 West Division Champions flag, but the wind didn't cooperate. This was the best I could do.
Two hardcore Rangers' fans and one convert
And just when you think this trip couldn't get any better, our fourth ticket went to none other than my mom! Yay for Gee Gee!
We really did ask my mom to come because she loves baseball and is a big Rangers' fan (if they aren't playing the Yankees...which is a whole other story). But we discovered an added bonus to having her at the game. She provided Madigan with constant attention. At one point, they disappeared for 3 full innings. Apparently they explored the fine cuisine offered at the ballpark,
And returned with treats galore!
Pizza anyone?
Madi really did a great job and seemed to love all of the excitement.
She even got good about knowing when to give the "antlers" and the "claw"! (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go watch some playoff games.)
It also helped that Madi made a new friend who was sitting in front of her. Isn't this cute?
They talked, drew in a notepad, played "I Spy", and played games on the girls' mom's phone. When we were leaving, the little girl asked if she could give Madi a hug and on the way back to the hotel, Madi asked if she could come over to our house sometime! Gotta love it.
Unfortunately, the Rangers did not manage to win that game. We were actually up 2-1 and I took Madi to the bathroom. When I got back, we were losing 2-3. As you can see, I was less than thrilled.
But despite that, it was an amazing experience that I got to share with 51, 745 wonderful Rangers fans!
You might be wondering where Paxton and Pa were during this time. Well, they chose to stay at the hotel and bond. Apparently, Paxton thrived on the 1 on 1 attention. Pa reported that he laughed the whole time. They played, wrestled, and enjoyed a McDonald's burger and Diet Coke. Yes, you read that right. Pa fed him a BURGER and let him drink DIET COKE. Needless to say, Paxton was nice and wired by the time we got back (and until almost 11:00pm...)

Of course, he fit right in with his sister (who was still giving the "antlers"!)
It was a wonderful trip and we were all sad to head home early the next day. But we've still been cheering loud and proud for our Rangers here in Arkansas!

Go Rangers!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Can he really be 11 months old?!

According to the calendar, yes. Time has flown and Mr. Paxton will soon be turning 1. In the meantime, he's making an effort to get into everything possible and play the "Hey, I'm a cute baby who doesn't know better" card frequently! Especially when it comes to tormenting his big sister. :)
Paxton has started walking in the last few weeks and desperately wants to be on the move at ALL times. So that made our photo session quite entertaining this time.

But as you can see, he's still as happy as can be and brings a smile to our faces every day.
I found his tickle spot one night. How can you not love this laugh?!

I'm behind on several posts from a crazy week, so prepare yourself. I plan on setting a personal record by posting at least 2 more blogs weekend. ;)