Friday, May 07, 2010

Six Months and Growing

Paxton turned 6 months old yesterday. He had his check-up and weighed in at 18 lb, 3 oz. and he's 28 1/2 inches long. I managed to squeeze him into the basket for one more monthly picture. As you can see, it's getting more difficult to keep him still for the pictures. He decided the blanket was a fun toy and grabbed at it. After many attempts to keep his hands down, I finally gave up and just let him have it!
This was actually my favorite picture of him, but unfortunately I cut off half of his head...
His favorite thing to do at 6 months - squeal and blow bubbles with his mouth. Here's what he looks like blowing the bubbles. He thinks it's hilarious.
One new development this month is that he now has 2 teeth. Here he is showing them off.
Another development - hair! And it sticks straight up ALL the time! Here's my little mohawk man.
As you can see, he's still a hit with the ladies.
And his best friend is definitely his big sister. It's been fun to watch them really play together lately. He thinks she's hilarious and she, of course, loves the attention!
Six months has definitely gone by too fast, but it's been wonderful ride so far!

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Growin' Owens said...

Allison - he is seriously cute. You better watch out, he is gonna have all the girls in preschool!