Saturday, November 10, 2007

Birthday parties and random pictures

We've spent the last few days partying and finally have a moment to stop and tell about it! Last night, we celebrated Hadyn's 3rd birthday at The Wonder Place. (Hadyn is the little girl I kept the last two summers - we LOVE Hadyn and miss her a lot during the school year!) Madigan had a wonderful time and literally bawled (arms outstretched toward the entrance) when we had to leave. Her favorite place to play was at the water table - her hands turned a little pruny a few times before I could persuade her to move to something else!
Then, we got to celebrate with Jenna this afternoon. Yes, it's true, she now's a big 1 year old!! (For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about - Jenna is one of Madigan's BEST friends. Her mom works part-time like I do, so we switch out watching the girls on our work days. Jenna and Madigan LOVE their time together - they squeal LOUDLY when they see each other...even if it's across the auditorium during church :) ) Anyway, here are a few pictures from Jenna's party:
This is a picture of Madigan giving Jenna her birthday card (which had pictures of the two of them and Madigan paid for with her OWN dollar bill - thanks Mema for her "treat" money!!)Here's a picture of Madigan "accidentally" knocking the shopping cart over for the 3rd time (make sure you note the expression on Jenna's face - she knows it's no accident!!)
Which leads me into the second part of this blog entry. Some of you seem to have expressed your doubts when we say that as sweet as Madigan is, she has a bit of an ornery streak as well (yes, I'm again talking to the grandparents) AND that she is literally into EVERYTHING these days. So, here is our picture proof...
This first picture was taken while Madigan was "helping" me in the kitchen one day. (Note the look on her face - "What's the problem, Mom?"This one was taken when she was staying home with Daddy one day. Those M & Ms were on top of the table at one time... ("But Dad, I'm hungry...")
Okay, now that that has been settled, I came across a few other pictures in our photos that might need further explanation.
This is our family picture from Halloween. Madigan and I were giraffes. Ted, contrary to popular belief, was not a nurse - he was the Little Rock Zoo giraffologist. Hope that clears things up. (Sidenote - this was taken at the Albright Halloween party at the Noel house - tons of fun!)
And, last but not least, I thought I should clear up some confusion over the picture of Madigan's fat lip. I know the word on the street is that she got in a fight, but the truth is that she fell into the fireplace. But doesn't she look tough?! (...and you should see the other, just kidding)
Alright, that's more than enough for today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HADYN AND JENNA!! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!!

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Michelle said...

Cute pictures! What a helper little Madigan is for her Mommy. Kids just know keeping up with them is one of our best forms of exercise! ;)