Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas #3 - A Tennessee Christmas

And finally...the third and final part to our Christmas Trilogy :)
We made it to Matt and Susie's house on Friday afternoon and my parents arrived by dinnertime. Madigan was SO excited to see her cousins, aunt, uncle, Gee Gee, and Pa! We decided to open presents that night, so she once again got to play "Santa" and hand out the presents. By this point, she was getting pretty good at it! Here you go, Uncle Matt...
I love this picture - Ted caught her in mid-run! Can you tell she was enjoying herself?! Must keep up with the older cousins...Along with some more fabulous toys, clothes, and books, Madigan got a very special present from Gee Gee and Pa. This was a picture taken when my parents went to North Carolina to visit Ted's parents. Madigan loves pointing to each of her grandparents and saying their names! All in all, a super Christmas! I think Madigan's favorite part though, was hanging out with everyone. Especially her cool cousins, Avery and Ella!Speaking of cool cousins...
On Saturday, Avery and Ella took Madigan for a ride in their Jeep. We weren't sure how she was going to like it, but thought we'd give it a try. Ella went first and pushed the accelerator. The car took a violent lurch forward and Madigan... started laughing hysterically! She thought it was the coolest thing ever. Every time Ella would stop, she'd say "MORE, MORE!!!" and so Ella would go more! No fear here!When it was Avery's turn, they moved it into the higher gear and took off. Madigan squealed even louder. At one point, she put her hand over her mouth and laughed. It was hilarious!
Avery and Ella took turns doing this for about 20 minutes until finally Madigan's nose was so red from the cold that we made her get off (which she did NOT like!) Here's a video of the fun!

As if that wasn't fun enough, Madigan also got to walk the dog (that really is Madigan underneath the hat somewhere!)...and take bubble baths with her cousins! (this is so much better than my boring baths, Mom!)Unfortunately, the time did come for us to leave. Although Madigan wasn't happy about that, she did get pretty excited when we told her that we were almost home! (I love this picture too - her arms were flapping too quickly for the camera to catch them!!)Fortunately, we didn't have to end all of the fun just then. Pa and Gee Gee came and spent the night with us Sunday night on their way home from Tennessee and paid just a little bit of attention to Madigan while they were here. :) These people are so much fun, Mom!So, that was our Christmas! Yes, we had a wonderful time. Yes, Madigan is spoiled rotten from all of the time with grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousins. And yes, we feel extremely blessed to have such a wonderful family. Thank you all for a great time! We love you!

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