Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas #2, Trip to NC and the Biltmore

We have returned! After a 9 day trip, we finally made it home yesterday afternoon and are appreciating all that "home" has to offer! (one example - we both sunk into bed last night and just smiled - the wonders of your "own" bed! Madigan took a 3 hour nap in her crib yesterday and today, so I think she feels the same way!) But, we had a WONDERFUL trip and were so glad to spend some quality time with both sides of our family. We traveled first to North Carolina and spent 6 days with Ted's mom, dad, and sister. Then, we headed home and made a stop in Jackson, TN to spend the weekend with my parents, brother, sister-in-law and nieces. My goal for this entry is to post pictures and stories from our time in North Carolina (aka - "Christmas #2") and then sometime later I'll get up the stuff from our time with the Marrows (which will probably be creatively named "Christmas #3"). So, here's a trip recap...
We left Friday night after work and stopped in Lebanon, TN for the night. Then, we arrived in Raleigh around 4:30 on Saturday afternoon, just in time for the annual (and extremely fun) Bowsman Family Christmas Party. For those of you who attended our Christmas party, this party was the inspiration for us starting the N. Little Rock version :). We ate, had the White Elephant gift exchange, and enjoyed catching up with friends we don't get to see very often. As you can see, Madigan had no trouble finding her place in the center of the group!
Here's a group picture. Unfortunately, we forgot to take it before a few people had left, but here's most of the group.Sunday we went to church and just hung out most of the day. Monday, Aunt Kate took Madigan shopping, so Ted and I had a little time to run around town alone. It was really nice to shop without checking to see what Madigan was reaching for or encouraging the use of a "quiet voice" (although Ted did get a little loud a couple of times)! The only problem was that we kept going to the same stores that Kate and Madigan were at and having to hide from them! I literally dove behind a clothes rack at one point. I felt a little guilty for hiding from my kid :), but they had a great time without us. That evening, we spent Christmas Eve at Aunt Kate's house and ate a wonderful dinner.Then, we opened presents from Ted's Aunt Shirley. Madigan got a doll and bottle which she LOVED. All we heard for the next five minutes was "baby, baby, baby".
She also got some Princess slippers and a pink tutu. Why is everyone out to make her a girly girl?!! But, she loved them (of course!) and had a lot of fun being a ballerina in her tutu. Here's a video of her grace and coordination (inherited from her mother?!).
Click here to see our Ballerina
Then, we spent Christmas day at Grandi and Gramps house (Ted's parents). Madigan got to play Santa and hand out all of the presents. And then... she helped unwrap all of the presents (although no one seemed to mind!) She got some wonderful new toys and clothes. I think she's decided this Christmas thing is pretty neat!
The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday we just hung out most of the time. Can you tell that Madigan had fun?! Every time we turned around, someone had a new "toy" for her to play with!
A Mickey Mouse tricycle
A blow-up Santa the size of MadiganA Thomas the Tank Engine tent
(we weren't sure Gramps was going to be able to get out!)
Then, Ted and I got a special treat on Wednesday night. We got to go out for a belated Anniversary celebration... just the two of us!! We went to Carrabas and had a great time. When we returned, Madigan and Aunt Kate had a little surprise for us. Yes, those are Madigan's toenails...and yes, they are pink. She LOVES to stare at them! Thanks Aunt Kate!
On Thursday, we all drove to Asheville, NC to visit the Biltmore mansion. Wow - what a place! It was absolutely beautiful, but I have to admit that my favorite part was the basement where there was a bowling alley and indoor pool! Here are some pictures:Whew... you tired yet? We were but so glad we got to do all of this with the Bowsmans. Thanks Grandi, Gramps and Aunt Kate for a GREAT time!! We love you!

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Zack said...

Hay you guys! Zack Blaisdell here.Man! I love and miss you guys so much! Great to see y'all got a blog. Me too. Check out whenever time allows. I see y'all have a little one now so that's got to eat up a lot of time. God is surely good to all of us! Glad y'all are so well. Got email? Me too. Peace be with all of you! DXD forever!