Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sneak Peeks

Since Christmas is now less than TWO weeks away (can you believe it?!), we thought we should probably get started taking Madigan's pictures for our Christmas cards! So, I got her all dressed up in one of her Christmas dresses and after getting her approval...
we started the photo shoot. I've learned from experience that the best pictures of Madigan come when she's doing what she wants to do and I just happen to "catch" the smile. So, I let her play with some of the Christmas decorations that up until now have been "off limits". She had a pretty good time. Here are some of my favorites:

And then, of course, there were also just some funny ones. Check out how she's sitting in this one... (not very lady-like, but pretty comfortable!) And, check out the expression in these :). I was smiling really big and saying "smile, Madigan". This is what I got... (I hope that's not what I looked like!)All in all, it was a good photo session and I think we got the pictures we needed for the cards. So for now, from Madigan and her parents, "happy holiday y'all".

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