Saturday, December 08, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Growing up, we always had a "real" Christmas tree. And while I can definitely see the benefit of artificial trees, I just can't manage to give up on the real trees. I love the look of them (holes and all) and especially the smell that a Christmas tree brings to the house. Most of all, I love picking out the Christmas tree. And, this year, I was even more excited because Madigan would get to take part in the Christmas tree experience. (Last year she was 3 months old and never left the comfort of the car seat in the nice, warm car when we went to buy a tree!). So, we decided Friday after we got home from work that the time had come. However, Madigan was a bit confused. We kept saying, "Come on! Let's go get a Christmas tree!" and she'd give us a funny look and then disappear into the living room. Finally, she brought this in and we understood - we already had a tree!
However, we convinced her this Christmas tree would be even better (and bigger!). So we loaded up and headed out. As you can see, her excitement started to grow...
Once we arrived, she decided that maybe she WAS going to enjoy this. Look at all of these trees, Mom!
And finally, we found just the right one.
Madigan was quite pleased with the selection. In fact, she refused to get off of the trailer until Dad went and paid for it. I think she was guarding her turf!So, we got it home and started the decorating. The extra hands definitely made it more challenging than last year, but we had a lot of fun!Man, this Christmas decorating is EXHAUSTING!
But, we got it done and I'm happy to say that as of now (more than 24 hours later), the tree continues to stand with only minimal damage to some of the lower branches.
Now, on a different note...
Why is it that we find it so funny to get other people's kids to do things we'd never encourage our own kids to do? I know I had a blast slipping my friend's kids chocolate cake when they were barely toddling around. And, I've bought many noisy toys for my nieces that personally drive me crazy (many of which, unfortunately, are gradually finding their way to Madigan - didn't think about that!). I say all of this to tell you what Aunt Kate (who actually works with kids everyday) sent to Madigan today. Madigan opened up a package to her that had a neat book and a cute reindeer purse in it. Then, she opened up the purse to find...a ring pop. Somehow, Madigan seemed to know what this was and started begging to open it. I was able to divert her attention for a while, but eventually, it was just easier to cave. And sure enough, she knew exactly what it was and what to do with it. So, here are some pictures of what followed...

Needless to say, she loved it. Thanks, Aunt Kate!!!!

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