Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas #1 and other things

Yes that's right - Christmas number ONE. In other words, there will be more to come after Christmas time with the grandparents :). But, Ted and I thought Madigan should have at least a couple of presents from her parents (since all we gave her for her birthday was some pajamas!) So, we let her open our presents on Thursday night. Here are some of the pics:
She got a Backyardigans sing-along boom-box and a silly songs CD (both bought with the LONG trip in mind!) She really liked them... but preferred the bow over them both!A few other things that I've just been late on getting posted...
We had a WONDERFUL time at Christmas party last Saturday. We had a special visitor all the way from the North Pole - Santa Claus! Unfortunately, Madigan decided that she was going to be scared of Santa that night, so we didn't get very good picture (even with Mommy holding her).However, she LOVED the present that he left with her... (what is it with other people giving her suckers?!!)Thanks to everyone who came and helped make it a great party!
One last thing - we had several small visitors at our house last week. The Noel and Thornhill kiddos came to stay with us for a few hours one night. Ted somehow got roped into reading a story and this is the picture I was able to capture. How cute is this? It was a long book, so only three of the six hung with him until the end, but they all thought he was a pretty good storyteller (although one of the older ones caught him trying to skip a part...he didn't count on them being able to read along!)
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!!


Michelle said...

Too cute! I love the bow on Madigans head! And the picture of the kids watching ted read. How funny that they caught him skipping pages. I don't get away with that anymore either. :)

Tammy said...

What a sweet girl! I can't believe how much she looks like you. Looks like you had a good Christmas... Happy New Year too!