Friday, January 25, 2008

Cooking with Madigan

Yesterday I tried out a new recipe, so I decided to bake some cookies as well (in case the dish didn't turn out well!). So, Madigan crawled up in her chair and we made cookies. I rolled the dough into balls and handed them to her to put on the plate. She was thrilled because this time she actually got to TOUCH the food! And, she did a pretty good job (although the spacing of the dough was off just a bit :) ).
We were just about finished filling the pan when Madigan hesitated just a bit. I looked at her and said, "Put it on the pan." She looked at me, at the pan and then at the cookie and before I could stop her (I had my hands full of dough for the next cookie), she shoved the cookie into her mouth. I couldn't even get on to her because I was laughing so hard. She had chipmunk cheeks and dough was oozing out of her mouth. I think if we'd been in the movies, that would have been one of those moments where the angel was on one shoulder and the devil was on the other. The devil won this time... but the cookie dough sure did taste good!Here's a video taken after she had eaten the cookie. See if you can hear what she says "bye bye" to (hint - it wasn't to you like I was trying to get her to do)

That's right - it was to the cookies. She wanted to make sure they got a proper farewell before going into the oven!

(And, in case you were wondering, the new recipe turned out pretty good after all!)


Stephanie said...

Cute! What woman can resist cookie dough?!

BTW, great choice using stoneware for your cookies (that's the Pampered Chef consultant coming out in me!)

Michelle said...

This made me laugh. Good job Maddi! What a helper you are for your mommy! :)