Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today my husband turned into an old man.
That's right, today is Ted's 30th birthday!!
He's actually handling it pretty well. :) I could list a million things I love about Ted, but I'll just tell you my favorite two...

1) He's a wonderful husband
2) and an amazing father
(can you tell Madigan's fond of him as well?!)
I thank God for the blessing that Ted is in both mine and Madigan's life and am very proud of who he is and his desire to live a godly life.

In honor of his birthday, Madigan would like to sing a song. Since we haven't perfected "Happy Birthday" yet, "Twinkle Twinkle" will have to do.

Happy Birthday, Ted! We love you!


Jeff and Mindi said...

Happy Birthday Ted! I love the video and how she emphasizes the word "high." So cute!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday OLD MAN!! Join the club- it's not so bad. Loved the
"tinkle" little star ballad. Sounds like Harding Choir potential to me!

Stephanie said...

You better watch it Allison! 30 is the new 20...and you'll be there soon too! :)

Happy birthday Ted! Glad your girls gave you a great day!