Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Game

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from the Ranger's game that Ted and I went to while Madigan was at Camp Pa and Gee Gee's. We had decided that rather than buy each other birthday presents we would just put the money toward getting good seats for the game. Since the Ranger's aren't an overly popular team, we were able to get even better seats than we thought possible. We were on the FRONT row right behind the on-deck circle! Here's a picture of our seats. So, we knew they would be good seats, but we didn't realize how good until we got there. There was no one in front of us except the ball boy (Jason) and bat boy (Michael) and no net! All of the Rangers had to walk right by us to get to the on-deck circle, so I was within reach of Ian Kinsler, Milton Bradley, etc (unfortunately Josh Hamilton and Michael Young did not play - but we still got to see them). Don't worry - I didn't touch any of them... This was our view of:
Ian Kinsler praying in the on-deck circle,
Marlon Byrd flirting with fans in the on-deck circle,
Milton Bradley swinging the bat in the on-deck circle,the batter, catcher and umpire,
the pitcher,the Ranger's dugout,a meeting at the mound,
an argument between a batter and the umpire,
the umpire throwing the batter out, :)
the Ray's manager arguing with the umpire over the batter who got thrown out,the Ranger's mascot "Captain",
and the post-game high-fives/butt slaps.
Obviously, it was a great game and a FANTASTIC birthday present (did I even mention that the Rangers won?!) We took this picture on our way back to the car. That's the new Texas Stadium that is being built in the the background.
Thanks to my parents for keeping Madigan so we could do this! It was awesome! Go Rangers!!!


Chad Gardner said...

Jealous... those seats definitely beat the free ones we received from the "alternative lifestyle" marketing company. However... the atmosphere was great since we got to sit with the above-mentioned alternative lifestyle company's employees. I received some great fashion tips.

Congrats to you both on the choice seats. I think I've been to about 5 Ranger games and I've never seen them pull off a victory. sigh...

Stephanie said...

That's pretty cool - you all were so close! When I was growing up, we got good seats at the Braves games when they weren't that good.

Happy birthday to both of you!

Jeff and Mindi said...

Nice seats! It looks like you had a great time! Why didn't you reach out and touch any of them? ; )

I wish I could say I'm still a Rangers fan. Spending all that time in Houston and marrying Jeff has made me an Astro fan!

Zack said...

The Rangers are having a great year this year. Who would believe it? Glad y'all got to go to the game! And that we won! Love and miss y'all tons. God bless. Grace and Peace.