Monday, August 11, 2008

My Big Girl

Madigan and I traveled to West Texas this past weekend to see my grandparents. We had a WONDERFUL time, but I have too many pictures to sort through to post about the trip right now... so instead, I'm going to lament about what a big girl my baby has become. Madigan will be turning two next Tuesday and I can't figure out where the time has gone. But not only am I dealing with her being the big 2, I'm also in awe of all of the "big girl" things that she's suddenly doing. So, I thought I'd share a few of them with you :)

Potty Training

I decided this summer we were going to take a stab at potty training while I was home full-time and just see how it went. Madigan took to it very well (with a little help from some candy) and I am now happy to say that we have been accident-free for almost 3 weeks. That even includes airplane rides, shopping trips, nighttime/naps and outings to the park. Way to go Madigan!!

(Yes, I do realize this is one of those pictures that she's going to hate me for when she's a teenager. I'm okay with that.)

The "Big Girl" Bed

I finally took the plunge today and removed the rails off of the crib to make it into a toddler bed and suddenly, Madigan's bed is the coolest thing ever! She's been so excited to sleep in her "new" bed. I've been pleased because so far she has stayed in the bed and actually slept when she was supposed to. We'll see how long that lasts...
Pretending to "sleep" - very believable, huh?!Who knew this bed could be so much fun?!!
Big Girl Vocabulary

Madigan loves to talk and often simply talks to hear her own voice. It's been fun to watch her progress from one word statements to sentences to stories. Yes, that's right - she now tells stories. She's picked up the basics of it from our bedtime Princess stories. They go something like this - "Once upon a time in a land faraway, there was a Princess named _____ (she always inserts "Madigan" there - imagine that!). One day the princess decided to go _____ and ____ happened. (insert fun story) When it got dark, she came home and gave her mommy the Queen and her daddy the King a kiss, went to bed, and had sweet dreams. The End."
Fast forward to the airport on Thursday... Madigan and I were passing some time waiting to board our plane and she said, "Once upon a time". I said, "What happened?" She thought for a minute and said, "Once upon a time, Mommy saw a yadybug" (that's ladybug when you can't say your L's). A little surprised, I said, "What did Mommy say to the ladybug?". She again thought for a minute and said "Mommy said, 'Hey Yadybug!'" She was quite pleased with herself :)

So, since it appears that I can't keep her from becoming a "big girl", I guess I'll just sit back and enjoy the fun! I'll keep you posted so you can enjoy too!


Stephanie said...

Wow! Lots of changes going on at the Bowsman household! Way to go Madigan for getting pottytrained. That's awesome!

MartiMichelle said...

Good job on the potty! I am super impressed! Can Maddie come over and train Garrett? He still doesn't seem to care. :)

Chad Gardner said...

I can't wait until Madigan is graduating from high school and we have Senior day at church. I'm going to slip this picture into the slideshow. You too Marti!

Jeff and Mindi said...

How excited are you that your diaper changing days are over for awhile! I can't wait! =) Way to go Madigan!