Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Answered Prayers

For those of you that don't know, we have some good friends from Harding who recently had twin boys. The amazing thing about these babies is that their momma was only 25 weeks along in her pregnancy when they were born. Needless to say, there were some scary times along the way, but they are now healthy and happy boys. We were lucky to get to see them a couple of weeks ago when they made their Arkansas debut.
Here's a picture of Madigan "holding" Jordan... And here's Jyusef holding a sleeping Jaxon...
(Sorry Crichelle - I didn't get a picture of you this time... Guess I was too busy cuddling with the babies!)
It was so great to see them and we thank God for taking care of this wonderful family.
Larrys - Thanks for coming to see us! We love you guys!

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Rachel said...

God is so good with the healing he has provided!! Praise the Lord for the health of those sweet boys! Glad you had a good visit!!