Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Grand Visit

Weekend before last, Ted's parents made the long journey to come visit us (Madi) for a few days. We had a wonderful time and Madigan reveled in the nonstop attention. "Man, these people think EVERYthing I do is funny!"

On Saturday, we decided to go downtown and check out the farmer's market. While there, we discovered a world of fun! This summer a lot of renovations were made at the River Market and they added a wonderful playground for kids...and big kids. It has tunnels that go under the walkways and up through the rock structures. Madigan and I had a great time "exploring"! There's also a really cool slide, which we discovered was also a really FAST slide. Here's a picture of me (having just flown through the slide) turning to try to catch Madigan who was speeding down behind me.

I zoomed in on that picture here - check out the pigtails and the expression. Fortunately, I broke most of her fall and she thought it was funny. (whew!)
They also have a neat "water pad" where water sprays up at random places and times. Madigan didn't want any part of this, which I was pretty grateful for considering we didn't have her a change of clothes. Here's a cute picture of Madigan, Grandi and Gramps at the playground. We also stumbled upon another fun experience while downtown - a kid's culture fair at the Library. Heifer had a booth there, so Madigan got to pet the goats with Daddy.
Isn't this cute?She liked this water a LITTLE bit better...
Picture in front of the cool bridgeAll in all, it was a great downtown adventure. But, the fun didn't end there! Since Grandi and Gramps weren't able to come for Madigan's birthday, we celebrated again and she got to open some more presents. (No wonder she still doesn't understand when I tell her it's not her birthday anymore). The biggest hit by far was the tea set that sings "I'm a little teapot" when you tip the teapot over.
Since Grandi is so cool, she even let Madigan drink REAL tea out of it during their "tea party". But Madigan wasn't satisfied until everyone got a chance to play tea party...Don't even think about trying to get out of this Daddy...They also brought another really cool gift. This rocking chair was Grandi's when she was a kid. She and a friend re-covered it with Noah's Ark fabric. The rest of the weekend, Madigan moved it from room to room so that she had access to it at all times.
And, as you can see, she's not the only one who liked it! Jenna thought it was the perfect size. We also celebrated Gramp's birthday while they were here. I won't tell you what number this was for him...
This last picture was just really too cute not to post. Here are Gramps and Madigan discussing a book - I can only imagine how that conversation went.Thanks to Grandi and Gramps for coming to visit us. We had a wonderful time and loved spending time with you both!!

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Jeff and Mindi said...

Sweet picture of Madigan and her Granps walking away from the camera. Glad you all had fun!