Thursday, October 16, 2008

Madigan Explains

Last weekend, we went to Oklahoma for a friend's wedding. We had a wonderful time, but somehow we managed to leave our camera at home. So, we bought a disposable camera. The problem - now I have to finish taking the rest of the pictures and get the film developed before I can post them. How did we function before digital cameras ? :) So, that post is still a little ways off but in the meantime, I wanted to post a couple of pictures from the last few weeks and a video that we found funny.
A few dress up pictures
I think she would have made a good flapper
Here's a picture of Jenna and Madigan at small group waiting for someone to request a song.
And now, Madigan will enlighten you with the her knowledge of the baseball playoffs and the reason the Cubs' curse lives on. (If you can't understand what she's saying, look below the video - I'll provide the transcript)

Daddy - "Hey Madi, who's playing baseball right now?"
Madi - "The Feeeees (Phillies) and the Dodgers and the Rays"
Daddy - "And who else?"
Madi - "And the Red Sox"
Daddy - "Yeah, and who's not playing?"
Madi - "The Cubs and the Rangers"
Daddy - "Why aren't the Cubs playing anymore?"
Madi - "Because they're not winning" (Duh)
Daddy - "Why aren't they winning?"
Madi - "Because they're not playing" (Seriously...)
Daddy - "Where did they go?"
Madi - "Home"
Daddy - "Why did they want to go home?"
Madi - "To see their mommies and their daddies"

So there you have it Cubs fans. The curse continues because your players wanted to go home and see their mommies and daddies. While it's sweet, I'm afraid you might be in for another 100 years with that mentality... :)


Chad Gardner said...

best... post... ever. Awesome video.

By the way, was that picture with Jenna and Madigan before... or after... they were rolling in the floor trying to pull each others hair out?

Jeff and Mindi said...

That's is so great! In time, maybe Aubrey will be able to explain why the Aggies are so bad! They don't get to go home and see their mommies and daddies when they lose so what's going on?

Cute post and even cuter little girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl. Did you get my email with the pictures from Eric's wedding?? If not let me


Brian and Katie Whitt said...

Brian said that was just for Jyusef.

Kristen said...

That was great! I love it!