Monday, December 15, 2008

Inclement Weather Day!

Yep, that's right. The sleet/ice/freezing temperatures came to visit Arkansas yesterday and decided to stay the night. What does that mean - poor road conditions and no school for a day! Unfortunately, this day off comes just days before our 2 week Christmas break, so the timing was a little bad. But, nothing we can do so we'll just enjoy a fun day at home! And, I'll finally get some pictures posted from the last few weeks.
Christmas Tree
A few weeks ago, we headed out to pick out a Christmas tree. A quick comparison from last year...


Needless to say, Madigan got into the tree picking a little more this year. She was also being a bit of a toot, so I didn't get any good pictures of her selecting the tree. Here's one from the ride home. She enjoyed decorating the tree. Here she's helping Mommy put the angel on the top of the tree. Ta da! Look at my tree!It was fun and she's actually done a great job leaving the tree alone since we got it up. Amazingly, Petey (the cat) has also done pretty good with it.

Santa #1

A week an a half ago, we went to Breakfast with Santa at one of the local churches. Madigan was so excited to see Santa (which we expected) until Santa arrived and she decided Santa was scary (also expected) . What I didn't expect was that she actually sat in his lap and let me scoot about 3 feet away. She also smiled briefly for the camera, but we didn't catch it. I was quite proud of her!
The only problem, after leaving Santa's lap, Madigan had a minor meltdown because she realized she hadn't told Santa what she wanted for Christmas (a pink camera, of course). Which leads us to...

Santa #2
Then this past weekend, Santa made a visit to our Christmas party. This time we talked up how she was going to sit in his lap and tell him what she wanted. Of course when he arrived, the fear returned. But thankfully, it was removed by a sucker from Santa...
Next came the smiling for the camera... And then the important part - telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas. This was a pretty deep discussion...All in all, a great Santa experience!
Cheesing It Up
I was trying to get a good picture of Madigan for our Christmas cards. I think she got a little too into the posing. What do you think?

To our fellow Arkansans (and the other states hit by the ice), hope you're inclement weather day is a great one.

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Brian and Katie Whitt said...

hey!! I sent you guys a Christmas card and it just got bounced back to us yesterday. Do you still live in North Little Rock? (I don't want to write your full address on here!) you can email me at