Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Texas Christmas Part 2

After our fun Christmas at Mema and Papa's, we headed to my parent's house to spend a few days and await a visit from jolly old Santa Claus. However, before he could come, there were some things we had to do first...

1. Watch Rudolph (or "Rurolph", according to Madi) with Gee Gee - this is my mom's favorite movie and she was very excited about sharing it with Madigan. Madigan enjoyed it, but was a little doubtful when we kept assuring her that the Abominable Snow Monster/Bumble was going to turn out nice...

2. Pet and rock the reindeer -Isn't that part of everyone's Christmas traditions?
3. Make Christmas cookies and eat at least half of the sugar cookie batter in the process.
Sugar high face
4. String popcorn for the Christmas tree (Not pictured)

After all of that, we were finally ready for Santa to visit. We laid out some cookies and milk and went to bed. The next morning...
That's right - Santa had come! He ate some of the cookies, drank the milk and even left a note that said, "Ho ho ho! Thanks Madigan! Love, Santa". Unbelievably creative, huh? I wish I could explain why Madigan was checking it out with a flashlight, but I have no idea...

Santa also left a very special stocking for Madigan's Texas Christmas and a present. Could it be the one thing she asked him for?!!That's right, ladies and gentlemen - Santa came through with a pink camera! And not just any pink camera...a pink PRINCESS camera that makes noise when you click the button and flips through pictures of Princesses in the view finder. Wow!Madigan spent the first fifteen minutes smashing the camera against her face trying to see the Princess pictures. She actually left red marks on her face from pressing it so hard. She finally figured out that you could still see the pictures if you held it a little gentler - that worked out better on the camera and her face.But, the presents didn't stop there. Here's a picture of her with her loot from Gee Gee and Pa which included Princess movies, Playdoh, new clothes and shoes, Color Wonder marker sets, bath markers, Hannah Montana make up, and gift cards. Here she's pretending to eat her ice cream cone from her Playdoh ice cream shoppe set (pink ice cream, of course). And here are a few pictures of her new, very cute dress and shoes.
But what dress would be complete without a black sweater with white fur lining the collar?It was a wonderful Christmas and Madigan was very proud of Santa for finding her all the way in East Texas. Gee Gee and Pa helped make it a really special time for us all...and I think they had some fun in the process!

Here are a few other pictures we took...

Reading with Gee Gee
Reading with Pa
At the creek with Gee Gee
At the creek with Mom
Posing in front of the house
We all had a wonderful time and were so glad to spend time with all of my family this year. Thanks to everyone for making it so much fun!

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Brian and Katie Whitt said...

if that's the princess camera that also talks to you, we have the same one. When you push the button is says "you're as pretty as a princess". GAG. i keep telling Lily she's only as pretty as her heart is. might sound harsh but I won't be able to deal with a vain child.