Monday, January 19, 2009

No kid?!

This past Friday night, my parents came to our house. Then early Saturday morning, they left to go on to my brother's house in Tennessee...WITH MADIGAN! That left Ted and I childless for a full day and a half. So, what does approximately 30 hours of not being a mommy look like for me? Here's my list...
1. Sleep in
2. Get up and check email/blogs
3. Make an omelet, toast and hot chocolate for breakfast
4. Take a bath
5. Go clothes shopping with some of my gift cards from Christmas
6. Get a hair cut
7. Get ready for a hot date with my wonderful husband
8. Overeat at Outback
9. Go to a the THEATER!
10. Sleep ALL night long
11. Wake up and get ready for church at a leisurely pace.
12. Walk out of the door carrying...NOTHING :)
13. Attend church service with no shushing, potty breaks or the "activity bag" shuffle

Whew... and after all of that, know what I wanted to do more than anything else? Get my baby back! It's crazy how much I missed her in just a day and a half and while I enjoyed a short break (thanks Mom and Dad!), I wouldn't trade all of the freedom in the world for the time I have with my little girl.
So, what did Madigan do while she was away? Cry because she missed Mommy and Daddy so much? Not exactly. Madigan was so entertained by GeeGee, Pa, her aunt, uncle and cool cousins that she didn't even want to talk to me on the phone! To be fair though, would you want to talk to me if you got to...
knock towers down with Pa,
perform in a live concert,
dress up like a princess in a fashion show,
try on more lip gloss than Mom would ever consider letting in the house,
girl talk with Avery,
and play school with Ella?
Yeah, I probably wouldn't want to talk to me either. But, I'm glad she had such a good time. On Saturday night, she took a bubble bath with the cousins and they colored with bath crayons on the walls. Mom left them for a minute and came back to find this.

Yes, that says "Cousins (Cusins) Forever- Ella, Madi (Maddie) and Avery". Avery had written that on the wall. How cute is that?!

It was obviously a good weekend for everyone involved. Thanks to Pa and Gee Gee for including Madigan in your trip, to Matt and Susie for welcoming her into your home and to Avery and Ella for being so good to your little cousin. I'll leave you with this picture of Madigan in her princess dress - I think she's looking wistfully for her Prince Charming :)


Stephanie said...

That's awesome that you had a day and a half to yourself! We all need time periods like that every so often but I totally hear you about wanting your baby back!

Jeff and Mindi said...

I'm so glad you got a break! Jeff and I got away for a night too and my list of things looked just like yours! Madigan is beautiful!