Saturday, February 09, 2008

Princess Shoes

A new obsession has taken over our household and it comes in the form of house shoes. For Christmas, Great-Aunt Shirley (Ted's aunt) gave Madigan some white Princess slippers that have pink fuzzies on the edge. (Yes, another attempt at making my daughter "girly".) At the time, Madigan was a little unsure of what to do with the fuzzy part tickling her feet. However, she "rediscovered" them last week and now she LOVES them. If she hears the word "shoe", she immediately starts looking for her slippers and won't rest until they're on her feet. In fact, last Sunday she had worn them for most of the afternoon, but I took them off of her as I was changing her diaper and clothes to get ready to go to a Super Bowl party. Immediately, she started to cry and say "shoe, shoe, shoe". I tried very hard to convince her that she should wear her tennis shoes instead (I mean, come on - we were going to watch a FOOTBALL game), but there was no reasoning with her. In the end, I decided it probably wasn't worth the fight it was going to take, so she got to wear her Princess slippers to the Super Bowl party.
Here are a few pictures of her in the shoes:
The only problem is, she spends too much time looking at the shoes to concentrate on walking. At times, this has been quite dangerous on the slick Pergo floor. :) But, she's managed to survive and has gotten pretty good at walking/running in the shoes. Can you tell she likes them?!I took these pictures tonight. Make sure you note, that's a PRINCESS couch she's lying on while wearing her PRINCESS shoes. (Where did I go wrong?!)And this one just cracked me up because of the way she's lounging. Last but not least, here's a video of her showing off her shoes. This was one of the first days she wore them, so you'll see there's still some control issues.

Thanks, Aunt Shirley! You've come one step closer to winning my daughter over to the "girly" side. But don't worry - softball season is just around the corner! :)

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