Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend in the Woods

A week and a half without a blog entry... sorry Grandi! I'll try to do better. :) In all honesty, this is the first chance I've had to spend more than just a few minutes on the computer all week. I had a very busy week at work and a huge project to keep me busy on my days off. But, that's over now and hopefully we can go back to our "normal" routine (whatever that is!) First things first, I need to write about our fun long weekend.
After we got off work last Friday, we headed out to the big city of Rusk, Texas and arrived at my parent's house around 9:30. Madigan actually slept for about 2 hours of the trip (she's not much of a car sleeper), so she was READY TO GO when we got there! Of course, GeeGee and Pa didn't mind that a bit and managed to get her even more riled up. Finally, we convinced her to go to sleep around 11 with the promise that there was going to be plenty of fun the next three days. And... we were right! To give you the CliffNotes version:
Riding in the Yard Bug with GeeGee

Mom even got to ride this time!Riding on the (RED) tractor with PaPicking FlowersFlying Kites(although to be honest, GeeGee and Dad hogged most of this fun...)

And, while we're on the subject, here's Ted...
and here's HIS kite... (Real men fly pink Barbie kites?!)Enough of that :). Back to the weekend...
Going to church
Jumping on the trampolineTaking care of the babiesMaking faces through GeeGee and Pa's glass door :)Talking on the phoneWorking out
(this is on a "Total Gym" - which to Madigan meant "Jungle Gym")Feeding Jake
(she gave him her apples and then said "thank you" when he was done! Guess she didn't want to eat them herself!!)

And just hanging out with Pa and Gee GeeWhew! Aren't you glad I gave you the Cliff Notes version?!! All together, it was a wonderful weekend. Thanks Pa and GeeGee for a great time!!!
Now onto this weekend...
For the first time in about three years, we drove to Searcy and visited the old alma mater. Man, have things changed! It was Madigan's first time there, but there were a lot of things that Ted and I were seeing for the first time! The actual reason we went was because we were given tickets to the Harding vs. Henderson State basketball game. For those of you who haven't ever experienced a basketball game in the Rhodes Field House, you're missing out! Every game is exciting, but this one happened to be televised on national television. So, the "Rhodes Rowdies" were in full-force and it made for a VERY energetic and VERY loud experience! Madigan loved it (in spite of the fact that it was during nap time!)
As you can see, she's very intent on the gameBut, she gave her applause when it was due :)To be honest though, her favorite part was the popcornPlus, she got a souvenir from the game.
Yes, that is a Harding University bisons tattoo (the only tattoo she's allowed to get!). She keeps pointing at it and doing some sort of growling sound! And, I can't correct her - I have no idea what a bison "says"!!

We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to our next Searcy visit (hopefully it will be sooner than three years!) Hope you all have a great weekend!


Stephanie said...

What a great post! Rusk, Texas - I went there a long time ago. I dated a guy from Harding that lived there...small world.

We need to mosey on over to Harding as well. We're going on three years as well. It will be 3 at Homecoming but I think we're going to come in 2009.

Rick said...

Sorry we missed you guys! Ahem... Ahem...

Seriously, come see us next time you're around!

And, glad Madigan got to go to her first Bisons game!

Chad Gardner said...

First a tattoo. Second... she'll be hanging onto a guy on the back of a motorcycle... WITHOUT A HELMET! Tisk-tisk. I thought you knew better.