Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Night on the Town

No, Ted and I didn't have a date. This was MADIGAN'S night on the town - or at least that's what she dressed for. :) Some of Ted's friend's from work had a wedding shower at a local catfish restaurant on Friday night, so I dressed Madigan in her blue jeans, a cute shirt and her brown shoes. Apparently, that wasn't enough accessorizing for my kid. Soon, she came in with a strand of red beads. No big deal - the red even matched so I knew GeeGee would be proud. A few minutes later, she disappeared again and came in with a shiny Cubs cap and asked me to put it on so I did. Harmless enough - I'm sure she'll just take it off. The next time she came in, she looked like this...Yes, that's a shiny, pink "purse" to go with the outfit and the Backyardigan, Pablo (who apparently goes with any outfit). But wait - we're not done. That's right - we can't leave without the cell phone.

"Hold on Mom and Dad, I need to call my peeps before we leave."I ask again - where did I go wrong?!

Thankfully, she agreed to take off the hat and beads before going in the restaurant, but the cell phone and purse were a must. Nonetheless, we had a great time and Madigan got lots of attention!
Also this weekend, we've witnessed the coming of SPRING!! The weather was in the 70s and we were able to open up the windows and pull out the shades...Madigan had fun playing outside without having to "bundle up". (These pics were actually taken on Thursday when it was still a little cool. But Saturday, we had the short-sleeved shirts on.)
Also, we got the piano tuned last week, so Daddy and Madigan have been having fun playing some tunes (Mommy's "playing" is putting a roll in the player piano!)After all of that excitement, it was time to crash...
Have a great week!

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Rick said...

Cubs cap! You guys ARE good parents!