Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spoiled Rotten (Part 1)

Yes, that's right. We had another grandparent visit last weekend. And to make the "spoiled" factor worse, more grandparents are coming to visit this weekend (followed by two aunts, an uncle and some cousins over the next month). I'm not sure we'll ever straighten Madigan out from all of this spoiling!
GeeGee (my mom) got to come visit this past weekend. (Unfortunately, Pa had to work :( ). She got here in time for dinner on Friday night and brought with her an Easter basket. Have you ever seen so many goodies?!Madigan hadn't. I think it's bigger than her. She LOVED it!!! Especially the candy...But, the fun did not end there. On Saturday, we went out and did what GeeGee and Madigan love to do the most (and Mommy just barely tolerates) - we SHOPPED!! GeeGee wanted to buy Madigan an Easter dress, so we went to Kohl's and found an adorable pink polka dot dress (I'll be sure to take pics on Sunday and post them soon). Then, we continued shopping and somehow Madigan made it home with THREE new toys. She wasn't sure what to think. Mom said she kept picking out things and then a few minutes later putting them back on the shelf. I told her that's because that's all we let her do when we go to stores! One new toy was a baby that goes to sleep when you feed her her bottle. Madigan and GeeGee had lots of fun playing with the baby. I thought this video was too cute not to post (so I'm going against GeeGee's wishes!!)

Madigan also got a new Backyardigans toy that sings Ted's favorite song (I'm being extremely sarcastic) and a Diego bath toy. As you can see, she had a blast with them.And yet, the fun STILL wasn't over. On Sunday, Ted and I had a meeting at church, so GeeGee picked up some lunch and brought Madigan home. Instead of doing the normal "sit in your seat and eat at the table" lunch, GeeGee let her have a picnic in the living room! She got to eat, play, eat some more, etc. Man, GeeGee is so much cooler than Mommy.And to add to her coolness, GeeGee didn't make her drink that nasty milk or juice. Nope, GeeGee gave her SPRITE to drink. Now every time she sees a drink with a straw, she says "Madi's juice". Nice...Can you tell we had a fun weekend?!!Not only that, but while GeeGee was here, she and I went to the gym to work out. It was a lot of fun. Also, she cleaned my pantry and refrigerator - I PROMISE I didn't ask her to. She just does things like that! :) Thanks GeeGee for a wonderful visit!!!

I also thought I would post some pictures of Madigan's latest hobby. She constantly asks to color and loves her crayons and paper. One day, however, she decided she'd handle things herself and this is what I found...
That's my work planner and a pencil. Not the optimal place to "color", but I have to admit, it makes me smile to find her artwork in my planner on my busy workdays. :)

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Jeff and Mindi said...

Wow! It looks you guys had a special and busy week! I just love the first picture of Madigan with the daffodils! It's postcard worthy! And the picture where she is trying to put her boot on Ted- that's precious!