Tuesday, March 04, 2008

And Just Like That...

Spring is gone. Or at least, delayed for a short time!
That's right - our 70+ degree weather from Saturday and Sunday turned into a Snow Day for Tuesday! Crazy, huh? Actually, we went from 62 degrees yesterday morning to 33 degrees by the time I got home at 9:00 last night. And then the snow started! However, when we woke up this morning, my school district wasn't closed (because it was 34 degrees and the snow wasn't sticking), so we went on with the normal morning routine. But, since snow has been very scarce this winter, we had to get some pics! (Make sure you note the poor baby in her swimsuit - not really dressed appropriately!)
Madigan liked how the snow looked...She was okay with how it felt on her hand...But she was less than thrilled with how it felt when the cold wind blew the snow on her face!!

Unfortunately, I had to finish getting ready for work, so we headed back inside. I even dressed Madigan in her snowman shirt in support of the weather.We were about 15 minutes from leaving the house when my friend (who watches Madigan on Tuesdays) called with the good news. They had posted that my school district was CLOSED!!! Which means... SNOW DAY!! So, we decided to do it right.
Snow boots (thanks Grandi!)
Hat and coat
Now she's ready to hit the slopes!
We even made a snowman. Well... sort of. We had very limited time (because it was really cold) and limited supplies (because we don't typically keep charcoal and buttons around for snowman-making). So, we made a very small snowman's upper body and then added the baby carrot nose and twigs for the arms. For the eyes and mouth, we used what was readily accessible - baby M&Ms! (Note: in case you ever wondered, chocolate DOES melt in snow). Finally, we added the hat and scarf, which were Madigan's. So instead of a big snowman, we made a little SnowGirl!
Madigan liked the snowgirl, but was much more interested in the candy on her face...

Now, we have a very hot pot of tomato juice noodles (Madigan and Mommy's favorite meal) on the stove and are about to enjoy our lunch and a long winter's nap (at least for one of us... or maybe both of us!) What a great snow day (and it's not even noon!) Hope you're having a great day too!
Sidenote - Our apologies to Daddy who didn't get the day off work and has to read this. We really wish you were here with us!


Corrie said...

Tomato juice noodles sound interesting . . . can you post the recipe?

Jeff and Mindi said...

Wow! I can't believe that you have a kid! =) She's absolutely adorable! I was thinking about you the other day when I was talking to David! I'm sorry I missed your e-mail and I would love to catch up! (mctipps@hotmail.com)