Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow Day... Part Deux

What a great week - two of my three "work days" turned into SNOW days!! Leave it to Arkansas weather to wait until the first week in March to dump out the snow. After our snow day on Tuesday, the weather turned pretty again and was in the 50s on Wednesday and Thursday. But on Friday, we woke up to school closings and a lot of... nothing. The temperature was above freezing (36 degrees) and nothing was falling from the sky, but all of the area schools were closed. Why? Apparently just in anticipation of the snow! However, the temperature continued to drop and by 10:00 the snow was coming down pretty good, so I for one was glad not to be stuck in a school with a bunch of hyper kids. We got about 3 inches of snow (northern parts of the state got about 15 inches!) and again we had a blast (and this time, Daddy even got to join us!)Madigan started to get a little braver in touching the snow (at least with her gloves on!)
And having Daddy home added a new factor to playing in the snow. He introduced her to... snowballs!
She thought they were pretty fun to hold and throw, but was not so impressed when they hit her. (Note: when she says "nos", that's "snow, not "no")

Here's a video of her "running" in the snow... :)

After all of that fun, there was only one way to relax - Daddy, the recliner, and a bag of corn chips!
And just for fun - here's a random video. I know I already posted one of Madigan reading, but this one cracked me up. She had been reading for over 10 minutes before I even started filming... (I think we've got ourselves a talker!)

Enjoy your weekend!

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Jeff and Mindi said...

I love the way she says "snow" and especially "Da-Da." She sounds so precious when she talks!