Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Another Great Weekend

This past weekend, we had another wonderful visit - this time from Aunt Kate! She flew in on Thursday afternoon and Madigan was SO excited to see her! All the way home from the airport, Madigan just stared at her and smiled. :) And, she became an even bigger fan when Kate pulled out some "goodies" she had brought Madigan. She had a Princess box full of treats - some adorable outfits, cute shoes, and a baby from Honduras. Madigan was in love!

Kate also brought Madigan two bows for her hair.
Unfortunately, those did not last too long :) Maybe next time she won't notice when we stick them in!
On Friday Madigan got to spend the whole day with Aunt Kate while Mommy and Daddy went to work. I didn't actually get any pictures of their day, but needless to say, they had fun!
On Saturday, we went to some garage sales, ate lunch, and then Kate and I went to work out. When we got back, we had some fun in the beautiful 75* weather. Kate and Madigan picked some "flowers" (aka weeds) and Kate showed her how to put them behind her ear. They even talked Daddy into joining in the fun...
Later that night, we ate dinner and had some fun. Here's a video I captured of Madigan being crazy... (just a little background - Ted had thrown a blanket over her and instead of being upset, she cracked up and asked for "more". This was about 10 minutes after that...)

Speaking of crazy - is that Aunt Kate in the Darth Vader mask? Madigan thought it was pretty cool.
On Sunday, we went to church and ate lunch. This is one of the dresses that Aunt Kate bought Madigan - unfortunately Madi had already removed her tights and shoes...After Madigan's nap, she got to go with Ted to take Kate back to the airport. After they got home, I asked her about taking Kate and all she wanted to tell me was that she had seen TWO airplanes! Since then, however, she has asked for Kate MANY times in the last 4 days. I made the mistake one time of telling her that Kate had to go home and go back to work. So now she thinks that she'll be showing up one evening after work like Mommy and Daddy do!
Thanks Aunt Kate for a wonderful visit!!

On a different note, we found a wonderful treasure at a garage sale on Saturday. We had been looking for some "outdoor" toys for the backyard and found this...It's the perfect size for Madigan. She loves the slide and is really getting the hang of the steps.
So much exploring to do...We also found this seesaw which Madigan has decided is a "boat". Obviously, she likes it all and now our only trouble is trying to get her to come back inside when it gets dark!
And last but not least, I couldn't resist posting this picture. This is what her hair looked like when she woke up from a nap on Sunday. Talk about having a "Bad Hair Day".

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