Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Where does she get this stuff?

I've always heard that a toddler's vocabulary blossoms around 18-20 months, but it's still amazing to me how much Madigan can say these days. We were so excited when she started saying those first few words. Now she says at least two or three new things each day that leave me saying, "where did she learn that?" I'd like to say I'm responsible for imparting all of this knowledge to her, but I think we have to give some credit to her bible class teachers, Ms. Laura, the "big" kids at our church, the grandparents, and of course, Dora. (Because I guarantee I didn't teach her to say "abra" when she wants to open something!)
Anyway, here are a few things that have come out of her mouth lately that I thought I'd share...
1. We couldn't find the remote a few days ago. Madigan and I were searching the living room for it and she kept saying "mote? mote?". I said (jokingly) "Daddy must have lost it". She suddenly got a very concerned look on her face and said, "why Daddy? Why?" :)

2. Her new favorite "song":

3. And by far, our favorite - we were watching American Idol last night and Dolly Parton was the "guest". Madigan watched for a minute and I asked her who she was watching. Here's her response:

Yes, she thought that was Barbie :)
And I'm sure the fun is only starting!!!

On another note - check out this hair do!! That's right. Her hair is finally long enough to pull up...somewhat :)The curls in the back
She's passed up her Daddy in hair growth, so we're excited.
Have a great week!


Kelly said...

Okay, Keynan and Madigan totally need to have a playdate. They are now saying the same words. I know that's probably normal, but I'm guessing that our lifestyles are close enough that they pick up on the same stuff. Keynan doesn't say "abra" yet for open, but he looked at his toothbrush the other day and said "MO" for Elmo, and we don't even talk about him that much.

Stephanie said...

Calling Dolly "Barbie!" That is too funny! We were watching AI that night and we were actually saying it's amazing how someone as small as Dolly can be so big....if you get my drift!