Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Family Fun

This past weekend, my parents and the three of us went to my brother's house for our annual family pictures for mom's Christmas cards. We had a wonderful time and I've got lots of pictures to share. But first...
Because we were going to Matt's this weekend, we missed Jenna's 2nd birthday bash :(. Since Madigan has been talking about Jenna's birthday for at least 3 months, we decided to have our own party for her before we left. So, we made some cupcakes, blew up some balloons, and threw up some streamers. I think Madigan and Jenna were both satisfied :)
Madigan telling Jenna what kind of card it was before she even opened it.
This is how you eat a cupcake and still keep your hands clean...
Apparently the streamers were more fun as accessories :)Happy Birthday to Jenna! It's been two VERY fun years and we can't wait for the fun that lies ahead! Thanks for coming over to celebrate with us!

As for the rest of the weekend... My parents got to our house on Friday night and then we all headed to Matt's on Saturday morning. Madigan informed everyone that she wanted to "go see her cousins" at least 700 times on the 3 hour trip. We were all very excited when we finally got there! And, you can see why she likes going to see them - it's non-stop fun! This was in their toy room that now has a cool air hockey table. Check out the smile!
Madigan also had a lot of fun playing in Avery and Ella's "big girl" rooms.
Of course, one highlight was riding in the cool Barbie Jeep. The only problem, the battery only lasted about halfway around the yard. So, they called in Ella to push!

And when Ella wore out, GeeGee got the fun job :)Now for a little venting - I want to make sure it is known that I am putting all of the blame on GeeGee and the cousins for introducing Madigan to her newest obsession - Hannah Montana. Madigan had NO idea that Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana existed until GeeGee bought all of the girls some matching pajamas. That coupled with the fact that Avery and Ella's rooms are covered in Hannah Montana posters and they know every word to every Hannah Montana episode has created a 2 year old fanatic. We actually were in Walmart today and after pointing out Hannah Montana socks, posters, and a blanket, Madigan told me, "Mommy, Hannah Montana is everywhere!" She was much more excited about that than I was. Here are a couple of shots of the girls in their cool pajamas.
And last but not least, I'll post a few of the pictures taken this weekend. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to get 9 people looking at the camera and smiling at the same time? Add to that the fact that two of the grown ups DESPISE getting their pictures taken and two of the children (one of which is my child) are prone to throwing fits during these sessions and you have our family portraits. We're just happy everyone made it out alive...

I'll admit it - I was whispering that Madigan could have some candy if she would smile in this picture...
Matt's bunch
Gee Gee, Pa and the three granddaughters
"What in the world are we doing here?!"
We really had a great time and were so glad to spend some time with my whole family. Thanks to Matt and Susie for letting us come visit and to Mom and Dad for making the trip with us! It was a lot of fun!


Jeff and Mindi said...

Great family pictures! It's good to see your family again! :)

We have 12 people on Jeff's side to try to get to smile in the family portrait. I agree, it is NOT fun!

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

we know exactly how you feel. we are still waiting for the day that Kristen's twins and my two all look at the camera at the same time. we don't even care if they're smiling, we just want them all to look in the same direction!
Those are still some great pictures that you got though!

Itty Bitty Baby Bunz said...

What wonderful pictures! Looks like you guys had a very busy time!!! (And, I think bribing children w/ candy is as old as candy itself - way to carry on the tradition!)