Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Caved

Well, I have a confession to make. Last Sunday morning, Madigan woke up with a fever. She spent most of the day running a low grade fever and didn't act like she felt well. Also on Sunday, we put Ted on a plane to South Carolina for a business trip. So, I had a sick kiddo on my hands who was not happy that her daddy left on a plane without her. I typically can handle tears pretty well, but not when she's not feeling well and looks at me with those sad little glazed over eyes. And so, I caved. I told her we could have a Princess Movie Night and we watched her first Disney princess movie. And we didn't just watch the movie - we popped popcorn and pulled out the down comforter, pillows, and the Princess couch/bed to make it the ultimate movie experience. Even not feeling well, she was on cloud nine.
Fortunately, she picked Beauty and the Beast to watch, which is by far my favorite princess movie. Okay, I'll be honest - she actually picked Snow White, but I despise Snow White's voice, so I used my persuasive abilities to talk her out of it. Anyway, Beauty and the Beast went well. She paid attention to most of it (minus the "scary" parts that I fast forwarded through). Her summary of the movie goes something like this - "The beast was cranky but Belle made him nice and then he turned into a Prince and then she turned into a Princess." I think she's got the basics covered. Since that night, she's repeatedly commented on how pretty Belle was in her yellow dress, asked me to sing the Beauty and the Beast songs, named all of the major characters from the movie, and pretty much lived in princess dress up clothes. I think I created a monster, but at least it made a little girl who was feeling bad happy for one night. :)


Brian and Katie Whitt said...

i'm right there with you. lily is having a princess birthday party on Dec 20. I actually sent a note to the parents with the invitations apologizing for making in princess themed but there is no way i wasn't going to give it to her. it's not like she's asking for heroin. although they both seem to have the same addictive qualities...hmmm...i wonder if i'm on to something...

Rachel said...

I'm proud that you made it this long without showing her a princess movie! Way to go mom!

I will say that Madison who is 7 is really starting to come out of the princess phase but now we are into High School Musical and Hanna Montana--I think I would rather the princess phase back NOT the teeny bopper phase. Enjoy this phase even though it can seem to overwhelm them.