Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crafty Creations

First, a quick health update - For those of you who knew Madigan had a stomach bug for the past few (five) days, I'm happy to report we are now officially back among the living. We have been fever-free for more than 48 hours and throw up-free for more than 24 hours. I'm not sure if it was harder on her or me, but I can definitely say it makes you grateful for the everyday things like eating and sleeping. I'm thankful to God for the fact that Madigan has been a very healthy kiddo and that these sicknesses have been few and far between. I'm also thankful that she feels well enough to do other activities besides watching TV now. I can't tell you how many times we have watched the Princess Sing-A-Long video the past few days. (Don't judge me - it made a sick girl happy and was one of the only things we could do that didn't result in throwing up. However, if I have to watch it one more time, I actually might throw up...) Thanks to those of you who called to check on us - it meant a lot to have adult interaction during the quarantine, even if it was just over the phone!

Now that that's done, I thought I would post some pictures of some of the fun crafts we've done over the past few weeks. You might think this first one is from Christmas time, but you'd be wrong. We actually found this cool gingerbread house kit, complete with one pound of Willy Wonka candy, on clearance for 75% after Christmas. I was very excited... I mean, Madigan was very excited. :) And since she doesn't have a clue that gingerbread houses are associated with Christmas, we were good to go!

Her favorite part was definitely eating the candy. Like mother, like daughter...
I like this picture - Ted was trying to get her to lean toward the house for the picture. Instead it looks like he's shoving her head into the gingerbread house!
The final result - the perfect house for Dora and Boots!
Next Madigan got a Valentine's treat from Grandi and Gramps and in the package was a PINK foam purse with PRINCESS stickers and PINK ribbons to decorate the purse. I tried to talk Madigan into waiting until Daddy got home to make it. She would have none of that. Patience is not one of her strengths.
Can you tell she likes it? She looks like she's on a pink Princess sugar high...

The Front...and the Back. She's carried everything imaginable in the purse. As if that wasn't enough, Gee Gee and Pa sent a Valentine's package and in it was a Rice Krispie Heart-Making Kit. Heart-shaped rice krispie treats would have been cool enough, but this kit also included pink and red icing and candy shaped like eyes!
The baker at work...
The results - I hope you can tell the difference between the ones I made and the ones she made. If not, just don't tell me.
Thanks to the grandparents for sending the boxes of fun!

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Jeff and Mindi said...

Glad Madi is better and you're both getting sleep again. You made the cookie with the 3 eyes, right? ;)