Thursday, February 05, 2009

Madigan's Friends

This entry is dedicated to posting some pictures I took recently of Madigan with three of her good friends.


Jenna's mom and I switch out watching the girls while the other one works, so Madigan and Jenna are together 4 days a week (plus church and when we just hang out on weekends). They think they're sisters. And, they act like sisters. They play EXTREMELY well together, which we're all very grateful for. But, of course, they also have moments that revolve around "it's MY toy, no it's MY toy", "ME first, no ME first", "STOP, no YOU stop" and on and on. The funniest part though, is how excited they get when they see each other...even if they were only apart for a few hours - squeals, hugs, yelling the other's name repeatedly, etc. I don't know what they'd do without each other. Here are some pictures of them from the last few weeks.

Playing Dress-Up
"Cheese" to the extreme
Such a cute Dalmation dog
One day a few weeks ago we got to get outside for a bit and play in the leaves. (Yes, we still have leaves in our yard.) The girls had a blast.
The best part was throwing the leaves in the air... and at one another. We love Jenna and are so glad she and Madigan are such good friends.

Joanna and Abigail

The one day a week that Madigan isn't with Jenna, she stays with some of her other good friends, Joanna and Abigail. Madigan loves to play with them both and likes to pretend she's 4 like Joanna. :) They have a wonderful time together and I get to hear lots of stories of the fun Madigan has at their house. But, I don't get pictures of them playing together very often since I'm at work on those days. However, last weekend, Joanna and Abigail got to come to our house and hang out all night while their parents and Ted took the youth from our church on an outing. So, the girls and I took the opportunity to have some fun!

First, everyone claimed a princess gown and I let them watch a Princess sing-a-long video. They were so excited when "their" song came on. :)
Later we made pizzas. Make sure you note that they still have their princess dresses on under the aprons. I tried to get them to take them off, but decided to pick my battle...
Look at the concentration on their faces. You've got to get the pepperonis JUST right.
After scarfing down the pizzas, we had some ice cream on green and pink cones.
Yes, still in the princess dress...
Madigan actually had changed out of her dress...and into a ballerina tutu.
All in all, it was a great night and we're so glad Abigail and Joanna got to come play with us. The girls play SO good together - I think at times it was actually easier to watch them all than it would have been to just have Madigan because they entertained each other so well!

Ted and I have always been grateful for the wonderful group of friends that we've been blessed with since moving to this area. It's even more of a blessing to see Madigan make friends with their kids and know that we're all working together to raise them up to love God and do His will. I believe in the "it takes a village to raise a child" concept and thank God for the "village" he's given us.

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Marie said...

First- I am So happy we are not the only ones with leaves still in the yard!!!
Second- I totally agree that it is so wonderful to have friends with whom you can raise your kids with. It is so nice to have that community and friendships! That is something we miss dearly!
Third- What is a princess to do?? You can't abandon the princess gear in favor of food! ;)