Thursday, February 26, 2009

Long overdue

Almost 4 weeks ago (wow - how did that much time pass that quickly?!), Aunt Kate came for a visit. Anyone who was around Madigan for a week and a half before that knew that Aunt Kate was coming to see her. She announced it very excitedly (in other words, very loudly). :) Kate happened to come on a weekend that I went to Memphis with a group of our youth from church, so I really only got to see her for a few hours the whole trip. I did, however, get to hear about her visit for the next...well, I'm still hearing about it! So, though I don't have specific details to go with the pictures, I do know that the visit involved some of the following. (I'll try to convey the excitement by capitalizing the words that are said the loudest when Madigan's telling me about all of the cool things Aunt Kate did).

with REAL tea
that Madigan actually got to DRINK,a TENT
where they got to EAT LUNCH,
toenails painted PURPLE,

decorating HEART shaped cupcakes with ICING and SPRINKLES,
and a trip to the PARK
that has a HUGE SLIDE!!!
Hope you were able to get a grasp on how exciting all of this was! Needless to say, Aunt Kate is the coolest and Madigan had a blast. She was very sad to see Kate go and didn't stop glaring until we got back to the house from dropping Kate off at the airport. Thank you Aunt Kate for coming to see us and for taking such good care of my baby!
About a week after Kate's visit, Madigan received a package from Aunt Kate for Valentine's day. It had a Princess card (that sings...and still sings even though it's been THREE WEEKS NOW- no, that wasn't capitalized to convey excitement), some Little Mermaid window clings, and a book. Apparently, it's the funniest book ever!

Thanks for everything, Aunt Kate!

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