Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The New Dress

My parents came to visit several weekends ago (I'm a little behind on blogging) and brought Madigan a present. Shocking, I know. But this was no ordinary present. This was a bright, shiny, sequence-sparkling, fringe-dangling, neon PINK dress-up dress.

Picture a flapper dress from the 1920s.

Now imagine that dress on a 2 year old...

What do you get?

My daughter
Make sure you note the matching gloves/sleeves. This dress does not get put on without them. And yes, it also came with bright pink high heels. Because the outfit just wouldn't be complete without the shoes... Anyone remember Daisy from The Great Gatsby? I think she would be proud.

I'm not really sure what Madigan was doing in this picture, but it's pretty funny so I thought I would post it.

Thanks Pa and Gee Gee for turning my baby into a flapper! She loves the dress and loved seeing the two of you even more. We're looking forward to seeing you again soon!


Stephanie said...

O my word - she looks absolutely precious. I think I'd even have fun in a dress like that. Little girls are so much fun to dress up!

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

holy cow. our daughters should never meet. they would blind the world with princess and dress up paraphernalia. and they would most likely do a lot of squealing and high pitch laughing.

CouponAlbum said...

Stunning dress!! I love her shiny, sparkling pink dress!! It is rocking!!