Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Funny Stuff

Madigan has come up with some funny things lately. I don't know where she's getting half of it, but it's brought us some laughs.

1) Madi was doing a puzzle at the kitchen table. She gave an exasperated sigh. Ted said, "Madi, how's it going?" and she replied, "Well, it's not going good!"

2) Madigan was riding in the car with Ted yesterday and was trying to get a sticker off of the sticker sheet. She tore it a little and very annoyed exclaimed, "Now it's RUINED!"

3) Madigan was again working on some puzzles and I told her to do something. She replied, "Don't say that to me." Before I could light into her, she looked up at the ceiling and said, "Bad choice, bad choice, bad choice..." I had to finish hiding my laughter before I could get on to her.

4) Madigan on the piano - IMPORTANT - if you are sensitive to loud noises, you'll want to turn the volume down some for this one...

5) I've gotten pretty good at interpreting everything Madigan says even though she still lacks her "l"s. However, one day we ran into a slight communication problem...
I was cooking and Madigan came in the kitchen holding her pink cell phone. She said she was going to call Mema and Papa. I asked what she was going to tell them and she replied, "I'm going to ask if they have awake." Confused I said, "If they are awake?" She shook her head and said, "No, if they have a wwwake." Still not understanding, I said, "A rake?" Madigan rolled her eyes and said, "No, a WWWake. A POND!". Finally, I got it, "Oh a Lake!". She smiled, made her call and then came back to report that Mema and Papa did in fact have a lake and said she could come fishing in it.

6) And my favorite - I gave Madigan a kiss and said "I love you, Princess". She smiled and replied, "I love you too, Queen".

I'm still not sure what we're going to do with her when she's 13, but she' making us laugh these days!


Chad Gardner said...

The video was awesome! I love how she growled out the lower notes.. the higher ones... you're right it hurt my ears a little.

Marie said...

I love the one where she smarted back to you and then looked up and said "bad choice" over and over. I died laughing!

Kristen said...

I just about peed my pants with the octave changes of blue skies and rainbows! Priceless!