Monday, March 23, 2009

Long Live the Spring Break!

There are lots of debates surrounding the best way to create a public school calendar. Do we move to year-round or leave the summers vacation? A week for Thanksgiving break or just Wed-Fri off? How early can we start in August and how late can we go in May/June (aka, how short can we cut the summer without a riot)? While I have my opinions on all of these options, I'll keep my mouth shut so long as they leave alone the SPRING BREAK. Oh, the Spring Break...I'd write a poem in honor of the Spring Break if only I wasn't so tired. Which brings me to WHO needs a Spring Break. Before working in the public schools, I thought school breaks were built in for kids. Ha! Our kids are doing great right now. It's the adults who are daily wilting away. So, we welcomed those two simple words - Spring Break! And now Madigan and I are enjoying some time at home and some awesome Spring weather. Here are a few pics I captured today.
And my favorite... (I promise, she pulled this out with NO prompting whatsoever!)Since I do have the week off, I plan to post several entries this week of things that have happened recently. Stay tuned!!

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Marie said...

Right....she pulled it out from the place it was strategically placed, so that she couldn't miss it! :) Get her started early! Glad you are enjoying Spring Break- we are on week 2 and I SO do not want to go back. Monday can take its sweet time!! Have a blast and rest up!