Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camp Pa and Gee Gee - Year 2

While Ted and I were enjoying the Rangers' game, Madigan was kicking off her week at Camp Pa and Gee Gee with her cool cousins. Last year (the first year my parents had them all), I was only able to leave her 24 hours. This time, she went for four whole days! I barely survived - she did just fine. Since I wasn't actually there for most of the week, I won't give lengthy commentary, but be warned - there are a LOT of pictures!

This year, the cousins had matching "camp" T-shirts.
The Front
The Back
After church on Sunday, the girls were able to accompany Gee Gee to a gathering for the kiddos at their congregation. They went to one of the elder's houses who had animals, swings, toys, and lots of food. They also got to go on a hayride. This is a pic of Madigan getting ready to ride. Gee Gee said of all of the activities they had for the kids, the girls favorite thing to do was dig in a large pile of dirt. Imagine that. :)Other camp activites...
Primping - aka: toe nail painting
Going to church
Playing in the tent (yes, the tent was INSIDE the house again)
Swinging on the hammock

One of the major activies was swimming. This year the girls had the option of several pools to play in.
The Big Pool

The Small Pool
And the Alligator pool that sprayed water out of it's headThe Sandbox
Throwing rocks in the creek
Riding in the Yard Bug
I was assured that Gee Gee didn't REALLY let the girls drive the Yard Bug. It was for photo purposes only. (I hope)
These are some flower vases that the girls decorated for their parents. We've still got the flowers on our counter. They're a bit dead, but it's the thought that counts, right?
Cousin Bonding

Eating AgainDid I mention that they ate a lot?Watching tadpoles in the water
Gee Gee also took them to the park for picnics and to play. Yes, they are eating again.
"Umm Avery, what are you doing?"

Photo session at the park museumIn front of a spinning wheelMore cousin photosHollywood!
I finally finished work and was able to drive down to stay for a few days on Wednesday. Mema and Papa were also coming to see the girls that day. So, Gee Gee told them that if they helped clean the house, they would get $2 each. If they did a REALLY good job, she would pay them $5 each. I'll take this moment to mention that I don't ever remember my mother offering to pay me money for cleaning up a mess that I made. But whatever...
Still cleaning - make sure you note which child is NOT holding a broom/mop in this picture. We're going to have lots of fun when it comes to chores. :)
But, they did it and each earned their $5. And, the house WAS very clean when I got there. :)
Mema, Papa, and the 3 great granddaughters
On Thursday, Mom and I took the girls to the zoo in Tyler. Yes, they did have matching camp shirts for this event also.
"Let's Go, Gee Gee!"
Madigan spent most of her time walking around like this and saying "Stinky!!!"
Gee Gee even let the girls visit the gift shop before we left and spend their cleaning money. Here's the girls with their purchases.
Gee Gee and the girls
The girls had a WONDERFUL time and were completely worn out by the time we left on Friday. In fact, they didn't say more than 10 words combined for the first hour of our trip home. (I wasn't complaining - just noticing.) Thanks to Gee Gee and Pa for such a great trip and special tradition. The girls loved every bit of it and the parents enjoyed a little break. :) Here's to many more years of camping!


Marie said...

Looks like everyone had a blast!! That alligator pool is awesome! Riley saw that picture and decided it might be a little scary swimming with "ellagters". :)

Growin' Owens said...

So, you know me, I always thought Madi looked more like Ted, but the 4th picture, the one with her tongue out...I think she looks like a little Allison. SO CUTE!

Rachel said...

hey its rachel rogers. i ran across your blog looking at someone else. madigan is getting soooooooooooo big! i thought you might want the link to our blog:
i will add you to my list of friends to keep in touch, i NEVER see you at church, its always so hectic! talk to you later!

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