Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend, we had lots of company come visit and help us celebrate Madigan's birthday. Madigan was quite excited to have everyone here!
Sweet hugs for Gramps...
She wasted no time getting Grandi to get on the floor and play with her.
Having Grandi and Gramps here would have been exciting enough, but the next morning, Aunt Kate flew in. Here's Madigan waiting (impatiently) at the airport for her arrival.The anticipation is getting to be too much...But finally, she arrived! And just in time too. Madigan was in desperate need of someone to paint her toenails...
and to play dress up with.As if Madigan needed anymore excitement, they also brought her PRESENTS for her birthday! Woo hoo! Here's a picture of a cute apron and placemat set that Aunt Kate made. Yes, that's princesses on one side.
And Grandi and Gramps gave her some accessories for the Princess room - a lovely purple rug,and the coolest Princess lamp ever!
Grandi also made Madigan a Princess mumu!
Why a mumu for a 3 year old, you might ask? Last time Grandi visited, Madigan asked her what she was wearing before bedtime. Grandi told her it was a mumu and Madigan said, "I wish I had a mumu like you." :) So, here they are modeling their nighttime attire!
And since everyone else was wearing one, I also pulled out my mumu.

(Hopefully you're asking why I have a mumu, so here's the story. At my lingerie party before our wedding, there was a present from Ted's parents. I was very nervous about that. When I opened the card attached, it said "what every Bowsman woman needs". That made me even more nervous. When I opened it, it was this mumu. I can actually say that I was very excited when I saw what was inside!! And so, I am the owner of a mumu and now you all know.)
Anyway, back to weekend. We also spent some time outside.
"Umm, Aunt Kate. Can I please ride? It's not a REAL Jeep, you know."So much fun!Aunt Kate and Madigan also played a modified version of softball. Make sure you note the batting stance and Gary Sheffield-like pre-swing. I sure didn't teach her that!
(Disclaimer - I know she runs around the bases the wrong way. We're working on that...)

Such a Princess...At some point, the game of softball turned into a game of dodge ball. Here's Madigan throwing the ball at Daddy.And if that wasn't enough, Gee Gee and Pa arrived on Friday night with...guess what...more presents!There were so many, Pa had to lend Madigan a hand. As you can see, there was more Princess stuff. In fact, they gave her the Princess bedding set to complete her room. At some point, I'll post pictures of the room but just know, it is ALL princess now. It make me a little nauseous every time I go in there, but Madigan loves it, of course!I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures after Pa and Gee Gee came because the rest of their time here was spent in birthday party preparations. This was our attempt at a picture of all of us before they left on Saturday. Not the greatest, but at least we have proof that we were all in one place at the same time!Thanks to everyone for coming to help celebrate Madigan's birthday! It was wonderful to have you here! We love you all!

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