Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ready or Not, Christmas is Coming!

Slowly but surely, we've been preparing for Christmas at the Bowsman house. Madigan is SO much more aware of everything this year and her excitement has made even the little things more fun. Here are some pictures of her decorating her Christmas cookies.
She decided that some of these were for Santa. So, I guess Santa will be eating some stale cookies this year!I love this picture. Aunt Kate sent Madi a new Christmas book (If You Take a Mouse to the Movie), so Ted read it to both of the kids.
And, of course, we had to get our tree up. So on Friday, we headed out to pick out a tree. As you can see, Paxton was ecstatic!
Unfortunately, Ted and Madigan had some differences of opinions when it came to picking out the tree. "No Dad, I want THIS one."
Eventually they came to a consensus and we got a tree.
Where was Paxton during this time? He chose to hang out in the car rather than brave the cold winds. Okay, maybe Mommy chose that for him.
When we got home, Madigan was all business...
But as always, her attention span was not as long as the task at hand. So, she played us some holiday tunes on the piano while we worked.
And Paxton...well, Paxton practiced his Heisman pose.Madigan did enjoy the decorating,
And was proud of her finished Christmas tree. (Well, somewhat finished. It really looks better with the angel on the top, the couch back in it's regular place and presents underneath the tree. You'll just have to use your imagination.)
Paxton was also happy with the tree, but was a little more interested in practicing his boxing moves.
"You want a piece of me?!"
"I didn't think so!"
Anyway, we've had fun getting into the Christmas spirit and aren't done yet!

I also needed to post a few videos today. These may not be interesting to some of you, but we've got two grandmothers out there who are going into withdrawals from not seeing the grandchildren. So, this is for them!

Paxton trying to hold his head up

Paxton "talking"

I told Madigan that I was posting some videos on the blog and needed one of her to post. She didn't really want any part of it, so Daddy helped her out. :)

Hope you have a great week!


Jeff and Mindi said...

Wow, Paxton looks like you Allison!

Growin' Owens said...

Hudson was talking to Paxton the whole time he was waiting for him to talk. Tell him I said "Bless You". Miss you guys. Your kids are so cute!!!

Kristen said...

My girls LOVE "If you Take a Mouse to the Movies". We have the pig one and the cat one also.