Friday, February 19, 2010

Road Trip!

Last Friday, my parents came to our house and spent the night. EARLY the next morning, we got up and headed to Tennessee to see my brother's family.

Paxton was ready to roll!
Once again, Madi was spoiled on a trip with my parents by being able to watch a movie. So once again we are hearing "Why don't we have a DVD player in our car like Pa and Gee Gee?!" While Madigan watched movies, Paxton slept the whole trip. Literally, the WHOLE trip. He fell asleep in Little Rock and woke up as we got off of the highway at the Jackson exit. No, I'm not complaining. This was Paxton's first trip to Tennessee. As you can see, they made him feel quite welcome...
Avery and Ella took turns cuddling with him.
Whenever they could get him away from Aunt Susie, that is!
And when the girls were busy, Pa took over cuddling duty.One of the goals of the weekend (well, one of Gee Gee's goals, at least) was to get a cousin picture. This one was cute...but wait, we forgot Paxton!Umm...we can't really see Paxton's face.Hey Ella, over here!Not bad, but Paxton still isn't looking at the camera...
Madigan thought maybe if she held Paxton things would go better. Not so much...But FINALLY, we got it! What a bunch of goobers!The other plan for the weekend was to take the girls roller skating. This was my first time to roller skate since a choir trip in high school. That was a few years ago...

Thankfully it came back to me since Madigan needed a tiny bit of assistance.
What a cool Gee Gee!Madi has the best cousins. They helped take care of her and bought her "treats".So much fun! Now Madi wants to go skating all the time!
After we got back, Gee Gee and the girls decorated Valentine cupcakes. They were good...and very sprinkly!
Madi played in the super cool "toy room".
And Ella introduced Madi to an amazing new device called an MP3 player. After that, she was "plugged in" for the remainder of the trip.
We thought she looked a bit like Avril Lavigne in this picture!
They also took time to torment Pa a little...
Don't feel bad for him - he loved it!
Unfortunately, the wonderful trip had a little kink thrown into it when Madigan woke up at 4:00 in the morning and threw the fit to end all fits (which lasted 30+ minutes) for no apparent reason and woke the whole house up. Hopefully they will forget about that part one day and we'll be invited back sometime in the future. (Sorry again everyone!)

On the trip home, Pa bought Madigan a hot dog at a gas station. A HUGE hot 10:00 in the morning. This is a horrible picture, but check out the size of this dog!
And she ate every bite (much to Ted's dismay, who was hoping for some leftovers). And Paxton - well, Paxton had another nice slumber! Road trips are awesome!We had a great time in Tennessee and can't wait to see everyone again! Thanks Matt, Susie, Avery, Ella, Pa and Gee Gee for a great trip!


Corrie said...

Allison-is it possible that Madigan was having night terrors in some form? Ainsley has had night fits like that a few times, especially if her sleep has been irregular (like on vacation). She looked totally awake, but she was screaming and couldn't be reasoned with at all. She did not want us to touch her, and if we tried, that made the screaming worse. When we finally got her back in bed, she layed down and was asleep like it never happened.
Just a thought--can't imagine sweet Madi throwing a fit!
I like the pictures!

Growin' Owens said...

Ummm, Allison, where were your knee and elbow pads?