Sunday, February 21, 2010

A lot of firsts

This has been a week of "firsts" at the Bowsman house.

First of all, Madigan started school! Well okay, she started a Mother's Day Out program on Thursdays only, but to her it was SCHOOL and she was EXCITED! Even with all of the excitement, I still expected a lot of tears, clinginess and begging me not to leave her. Because that's what Madigan does in new situations. Instead, she pranced in with her Princess backpack and her new Princess lunchbox and told me to have fun at work! I was very relieved...and a little bit sad. When did she get so big?!
Here's the best picture I have of her before we left for the 1st day of school. She was in a silly mood and didn't want to give me a normal smile. Oh well!
Then yesterday, Madigan and I went to get haircuts. In the past, I've always trimmed Madi's bangs and just let the back grow long. However, my last attempt to cut her bangs didn't turn out so well. Pretty bad, actually. So, Madi got her 1st "real" haircut yesterday! (Note - they just fixed her bangs and trimmed the length a tiny bit, so you really can't tell. But don't you dare tell her that!)
First haircut
Paxton also had some firsts this week - not quite as monumental, but important just the same. This morning was his first time to wear a tie. Okay, so it was actually a T-shirt with a tie printed on it, but whatever!And then tonight, he wore shoes for the first time! I think shoes for babies are a little ridiculous because seriously, what's the point? They can't walk and their feet never touch the ground! But this time, the shoes helped to complete the outfit. :)As you can see, it's been an exhausting week. So I think I'll head to bed!


lezanac said...

Your babies are precious I remember when my youngest son started kindergarden I walked in the classroom with him and he said OK you can go now Mommy I actually cried on the drive home.

Sydney Harbour Cruise said...

nice pics