Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day Part 2

Along with the rest of the country, we had more snow last week! This time though, it was REAL snow (5-6 inches) and very little ice. It was great! Unfortunately, Madigan was sick this time, so our time outside was limited. But I still had a few pictures to post...

Here's a video of the snow coming down. I'd never seen such big flakes. It was beautiful!

Since Madi was sick, Ted built her a snowman while she was napping. Such a good daddy!
When she woke up, we bundled her up and let her go "accessorize" the snowman. The result was nice. My friend Lexie said it looked like a crazy grandma snow-woman, so we've lovingly referred to her as "Grandma" since then. She actually held up quite well but finally lost her head when the rest of her body reached about a 45 degree angle during the melting process.

In case that last picture doesn't do justice to Madi's outfit, let me post another picture of my little ragamuffin. You should note that she's still in her pajamas (it was 3:00 in the afternoon) and wearing socks with pink the snow. Yes, I am that good of a mom. :)The next day we got out for a few more minutes. This picture is blurry, but I thought it was cute.
It's actually a good thing I ended up doing another snow day post because I found some pictures from the last snow that I missed. So, here they are! We went a laundry basket. Hey, we live in Arkansas. We don't have sleds just laying around!Madigan didn't care that it was a laundry basket. She just knew it was fun!And Ted...well, I'll just let the picture speak for itself!We've had a lot of fun and I still LOVE the snow. However, I'll be fine if that's all we get this year since our school make-up days are slowly eating into my summer break!


Mark Deal said...

We always used pieces of cardboard or plastic trash bags.

Growin' Owens said...

I Love the pic of her in the purple coat. She looks so grown up, like she's 6! I can't believe it, but she looks so cute there.