Friday, April 23, 2010

The Grandparents Come to Town

Grandi and Gramps came for a visit last weekend! We immediately put them to work.
Pick a child, any child! :)They were very surprised by how big Paxton had gotten since the last time they had seen him.
Madigan didn't really think he had grown THAT much. We had a lot of fun things on the agenda while they were here. Up first, gymnastics!As you can see, Madi did a little bit of showing off for them. We also had special beds for them to sleep in. Do you like Gramps' bed? :)
(Paxton was a little concerned. "Umm... that's not a very manly bed, Gramps.")
We did allow a little bit of time for hanging out.
But before long, it was time to get up and go again! Come on Gramps!
Before heading out with Grandi, we paused for a picture. Paxton paused for a spit up. Just keeping it real...
Our big project while they were here was to get the garden planted. First stop, farmer's market...
Gramps volunteered for kid duty while the rest of us picked out plants.
Madi really enjoyed planting the garden and checks daily on her watermelon and broccoli (weird kid, I know).
Paxton, on the other hand, thought we were all a little crazy, but enjoyed his time outdoors.
Everything was going good until Gramps started getting a little bossy.
Don't worry though, I set him straight. :)
Ted and I put the finishing touches on the garden and left Paxton in the very capable hands of...Madigan?
(I promise, he loved it!)

We had a wonderful time and were so glad Grandi and Gramps got to come visit!
We love you, Grandi and Gramps. Please come back soon!

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How adorable!