Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, How We Love Thee

On Sunday afternoon, it started to snow and kept it up until early Monday morning. So, we had our first Snow Day of 2011! As you can see, it snowed so much it was up to our knees! Well, up to Paxton's knees at least.
Paxton loved the snow...so long as he could just stand in it and smile. When we tried to get him to walk in it, this is the look we got. "Are you kidding me?!"

Madigan, on the other hand, had no time to just stand and smile. This girl had some things to do!
First she had to dig her scooter out of the snow.
And then she had to move onto her Jeep. Maybe next time she'll remember to put the top on when the weatherman predicts snow!!
Plus, she had to model all of her cool snow clothes. Here she's showing off her new boots from Pa and Gee Gee. They sure came in handy for our snow adventures!
Later that day, we got out and made a snowman. Ted took care of Darth Vader and the Transformer snowmen.
While Madi and I worked on her snow girl, "Hannah". She picked out the matching scarf, hat and sunglasses and declared that Hannah was "stylin'!"
We also did a little sledding. Of course, since we live in Arkansas and get snow maybe once a year, we don't actually have sleds. So out came the laundry basket and bungee cord!
I know I'm going to get in trouble from the grandparents for this video, but it makes me laugh. Here's Paxton sledding (and falling and getting back up again)!

Just to prove that he wasn't traumatized by the fall, this was taken just after the first video (as evidenced by the snow still caked to the left side of his body). Hear the laughter? He LOVED it!

Madi, my very cautious kid, was not too sure about going sledding. And seeing Paxton fall out hadn't helped. But finally, she gave it a try!

She actually liked it better riding with her brother. Paxton was a little less sure about that. :)
And I'll leave you with this. Paxton was again just standing, enjoying the snow so I took a picture. When I uploaded it to the computer though, I started cracking up. For some reason, it looks to me like he's peeing in the snow. I'm counting on some of you (Pa, Lexie, Uncle Matt, etc) to agree with me.
Happy Snow Day! May we meet again soon!

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Growin' Owens said...

I'm in good company with my humor & I thought that before I read what you said!!!