Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Little Prince

While Aunt Kate was taking pictures of Madigan, little brother got a few snapped of him.
He showed off his jumping skills. That consists of squatting down and then straightening his legs up quickly. Feet never leave the ground. It's even more impressive if you squeal when you do it.

Serious face

Happy Face

Sweet Face

Paxton is a bit obsessed with Toy Story and all of the characters that go with it. Here he is with his best buddy, Woody.

And here he is torturing his sister's baby doll. That went over well.

He's definitely all boy. There is nothing too big to climb or too high to jump off of.

But when he looks up at me with those eyes and that smile, he couldn't be sweeter.
No question about it - he will always be my little prince!

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Growin' Owens said...

These are awesome!