Thursday, November 19, 2009

Week Two

The pictures are piling up again, so I figured I'd better get a post up! I'll start with some of the newest ones of Paxton...

Such a tough life :)

I love this one - make sure you note his foot. The kid is a Houdini when it comes to getting limbs out of blankets, gowns, socks. etc.
A close up
He has some very serious expressions while he's sleeping. Deep in thought, I guess!
We went out to eat one night and this is how he stayed for the entire trip. I'm definitely not complaining!And because Madigan wants to be in EVERY picture taken now... :)We were blessed to have all of our immediate families get to come visit after Paxton was born. It was a huge help to have them all here. I already posted pictures of my brother's family with Paxton, but I wanted to get at least one picture of everyone else with him up on the blog. So, here goes...
I don't have any of Gee Gee with Paxton that I haven't already posted, but I thought this one was cute of Pa and Gee Gee with Madigan.
Aunt Kate



and Madigan

Ted's family also was here on our first trip to church with Paxton, so we got a family picture there.
And, I thought this was a really sweet picture of Aunt Kate and the kiddos after church.I still have a lot more pictures and I'll try to get them posted soon. Until then, have a great week!!

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