Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Space

Madigan has transitioned well into being a big sister. The only problem we're having is that she wants to kiss and hug on Paxton ALL THE TIME. This causes some problems, especially when he's sleeping or eating. So, we've been trying to teach her when it's okay to love on him and when she needs to give him his space. Hence the lesson for tonight on personal space, which resulted in this video...
(Please excuse the blurriness at the end - not sure what happened there. Also, ignore when she interjects the word "banana" in randomly. Apparently that's funny stuff to a 3 year old...)

Our favorite part is the way she says "my". Can you tell she's from the south?!!
Apparently we still have some work to do since she practically tackled him to give him a goodnight hug and kiss tonight. But at least she loves her little brother! We just hope he's a tough kid...

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