Saturday, November 13, 2010


Two weeks later, I'm finally getting around to posting about Paxton's birthday party. Better late than never.
First of all, we had some VIPs come for the party. I've already mentioned that Aunt Kate flew in to celebrate with us.
Also making a special appearance was Pa,
Gee Gee,

PaPa (my granddad)

and Mema (my grandma).
It was really special to have them all here at one time. Aunt Kate was sweet enough to take some pictures of my family before the party.
The picture above was the best of the 8 of us, but the one below is probably more representative of what we're actually like when we're all together.
The four generations of girls... plus the birthday boy!
Paxton's party just happened to fall during the World Series, so we went with the very fitting theme - TEXAS RANGERS!

Ted's pumpkin of Captain made a very nice centerpiece.
This picture was taken of Madi as she said, "Yankees BOO!" I was so proud. :)
Finally it was party time. We left the grilling up to the boys. I think Ted's face is hilarious here.
The burgers turned out great though and finally it was time for the big moment - the cake!
There was no hesitation when Paxton got his cupcake. This isn't surprising considering the fact that he's never been hesitant to eat anything we've put in front of him...whether it's supposed to be eaten or not.
He quickly decided that sticking his finger in the icing and then licking it off was taking WAY too long. So he picked the whole thing up and took a giant bite.
The only problem was that he couldn't cram it in fast enough.
So he tried the two handed shovel.
Needless to say, the boy liked his cupcake and was only upset when it was gone!
But I'd be lying if I said he was the only one enjoying the sugar-high.
It was a great birthday party and we are grateful to everyone who came out and helped us celebrate.

My mom and grandparents were able to stay the next night too, so we ventured out to the park on Sunday. These are just a few pictures that I thought were cute.

What a wonderful weekend celebrating a wonderful little boy. And trust me, he partied until he dropped!

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